This is why we don’t do themed parties anymore

So… We haven’t do a themed party in over 2 years…. Because… Well.. Because I can do a bit over-the-top…… But this year our daughter is in school and family is coming from CA and her cousins were talking about not really remembering celebrating a birthday…. And it’s not a party without a bounce house and if you are getting a bounce house… Might as well invite her entire class!
We may have turned Pinterest into a morning routine with coffee… And for the record… I’m so glad it was *just* starting as or crazy party days were coming to an end…. Because I have said that we are NOT pulling out Christmas lights….. (And I might secretly be trying to still convince myself of that)……. Because I am TRYING to keep this less than crazy to enjoy the day and not be frazzled by set-up and prep (did I mentioned I let myself get roped into attempting a 3 tier cake for the first time??)……..

We are trying to keep the budget low and the fun high….. But when the 5yr old practically begs for a pin the nose on Olaf game… And because you are not artistically inclined.. You argue with staples that this is in fact legal to print… And because daddy adores his baby girl…. Things like this make me smile and giggle… Because honestly… I go over the top for the smiles and excitement from the kids…… Stayed tuned because I’m guessing we will have big smiles soon!

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