Life has been CRA.ZY

So back in May I started a draft of the over-view from IM Los Cabos and our move and somehow we are now in mid-august… to say that life has been insane is an understatement.

According to our plans from months and months ago – we would be getting ready to load up the van and family and head to Canada for IM Mount Tremblanc…. Unfortunately… life has totally gotten in the way and we made the call to make sure that Eric didn’t get hurt… I am sure it will make it onto the race schedule at some point.. but not for this year…

The cross country move took more out of Eric and I then we could have ever imagined… I don’t think he has re-gained his restful self.. though I am not sure that he has been fully “rested” in years.. LOL… between getting the house livable, the separation due to the move, the figuring out the new routine with work – only to have the carpet pulled out from under us and have me be part of a reduction in force – has continued to keep our world spinning a little off kilter.

Eric has committed to staying with his coach but concentrating on another 70.3 closer to home.. this will keep his fitness up and the financial cost down. Having him not train the past couple of months has been a double edged sword. The kids and I have LOVED having him at home and being able to do family focused things instead of having our day scheduled around his 5hr bike ride and 2hr runs.. but.. I can tell that something is missing for him… his stress levels are up (which I can totally relate to – new town, new routines, more family, etc…) and his outlet is missing…. So I am trying to provide the support for his training to come back into full swing… while remembering that his training schedule was a bit crazy but in a lot of ways it brought us all closer together and provided healthy results for all of us…

Being the support team for a triathlete is tough… you often have contradicting emotions… you want your athlete home with you and your family – you enjoy the extra energy in the evenings ;-p but yet.. you want them to be happy and healthy and doing what they love… and lets be honest… you cant be a triathlete without loving the pain, the training and the results….

So I will be on the search for a local 70.3 and will start to make sure the chicken breasts are cooked.. the SAG support team is out on the weekends and try to still carve out that evening time for just us… at least on the nights that he is not passed out by 9pm 🙂

More will be coming.. but I’m not committing to when… I enjoy blogging but like everything.. it has an ebb and flow and there will be time for it eventually.

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