A case of the “WANTS”…

So I have a major case of the “WANTS” and its not even for me right now… well.. I have my own list – but we won’t even go there right now.. LOL


I am craving an awesome backyard for our kids…


For the first time in my life we have space for the kids to run… I mean.. REAL SPACE… 2 acres of space….


Having grown up in Santa Cruz, CA – we had the beach and fields and all sorts of things when I was a kid.. but those spaces became harder to come by and you could never have that type of space for yourself…. Or not without a pretty penny being spent…


And its funny how your perspective changes.  I told Eric the other day that its amazing how quickly 2 acres can start to feel small – when you start thinking about a garden and an area for the kids and maybe a barn and horses one day.. all of the sudden you want 5-10 usable acres.. LOL


So… we have been talking about getting the kids a swing set… something to harness their energy and give them something to really do outside.. because they LOVE being outside here….


And of course in this day and age of pinterest – you see all sorts of crazy (and AWESOME) things for kids… but lets be realistic.. if we had 5-10k to spend.. the house would be getting new siding and windows or momma would be getting a new kitchen with a DISHWASHER.. but I digress because that is on my list of wants… LOL



So.. While looking at things.. I have tried to be realistic.. and while the $600.00 swing set, along with the $400.00 clubhouse from Sam’s club would rock… again.. I am TRYING to be frugal and come up with an awesome plan…


Here is what I want.. and it will still take some time.. because let me tell you people.. MOVING ACROSS COUNTRY sucks! And is very expensive – but it has been well worth it…


So first up…


THIS – for the kids.  A club house/playhouse…. I am also thinking that eventually a little deck could be added on the back or side.. along with an actual white picket fence and maybe an area for the kids garden… like a place for them to dig and plant and be responsible – and not have us freak out if they dig up a bulb or whatever…. And right now for $250.00 – I think that is a pretty good deal.. even if Daddy has to add a floor… I still think this is cheaper than making daddy buy the lumber and actually build them a little house… which would be awesome.. but.. trying to be realistic.. and 10hrs will be tough to come by to put it together.. not sure Eric wants to spend 40+hrs on new construction for the kids 😉


And next up is the swing set… and I am having a hell of a time deciding between these 3… they all only differ in price by about $50.00 total… and yes.. I looked into the ones that had the clubhouse incorporated – but the price point shoots up A LOT….


And we need something that will work for a few years and right now.. the ages of the players will be 7yrs – 16months.. so it has to work for everyone.. and for a number of years….



Photo from walmart.com

Photo from walmart.com

Photo from walmart.com

Photo from walmart.com

photo from walmart.com

photo from walmart.com

Then of course.. I see a little path of stones painted in glow in the dark paint and all the pinterest tricks we can do.. with fairy doors into tree trunks, etc.. I want to create a magical, fun place for their imaginations to go wild.. while giving them something productive to do and safe…When I grew up I played in my dad’s gardens and the forests and dirt roads when we lived… it was amazing and I remember telling my tales of the fairies in the flowers and being able to identify the edible plants and loving every moment of the country life… Eric and I moved our family for those same reasons and now with this land… I think being able to give them a corner of the yard will be magical… and I guess.. it is on MY LIST OF WANTS.. but for them….


So.. any thoughts on the swing set choices?


We are TRYING very hard to keep it under $400.00 and while it would be awesome to be even lower… I don’t want to get something.. only to be sad that it wasn’t the right one… but that being said.. we can’t go out and spend $800.00 either… LOL.. Moderation people.. its not my strong suite., but I am trying!

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