Sharks Hockey Themed Birthday

Photo by: Tim Cattera

Photo by: Tim Cattera

The Sharks Birthday Party

(and yet again why Etsy is my best friend for parties)

Photos by Tim Cattera Photography


This party was the birthday party that we – yes.. even Eric – had always dreamed about throwing for our kids….


We had talked about a Sharks Hockey party for Alex since we first started dating… and this year it seemed fitting to throw a joint party… especially since due to availability – it was going to fall right between the kids birthdays… and at this age, the guest list is often the exact same.


I did the research and got Sharks Ice booked – which is where the NHL Team actually practices.  Typically, the parties are held in a different spot but due to event schedules, we were moved to the upstairs restaurant…


We then looked into booking Sharkie, the team mascot, for a personal appearance.  The kids adore him at the games and the package came with favors for all guests, skate time and meet and greet… we felt it would be a fun addition.


Once the big things were booked we moved to the details… and I am always about the details.. much to Eric’s dismay.. LOL


The first agenda item was the candy bar that I wanted to do.. I started with Apocarthy jars and found most from and a few on clearance from JCP online…. Next I had to think about filling them… and wanted to stick to Teal, Black and Silver candy…. And I quickly realized that buying in bulk was going to be the way to go…. And I had NO IDEA about quantities to fill the jars… needless to say – we ended up with a LOT of extras and my work was soon exposed to my crazy party throwing ways when they got a sample of the candy bar brought to the office..


Of course part of the candy bars were our standard itty bitty cookies by Sugar and Flour on Etsy ( Karen’s cookies are amazing and she nailed the teal and black with some sparkle…


I also made some shark lollipops and found shark fin lollipop’s as well as giant black and white swirled… I googled and researched on every candy item, making sure I got the best deal.. then took into consideration, shipping and quality policies.  I am also a little too detailed oriented and need to make sure the malt balls we ordered were not brown due to the chocolate.. but actually coated in a black candy shell…


We were able to provide a nice mixture – of course included gummi sharks, amoung the midst.


Also – one of the best ideas came from a friend many years ago – in the form of Ho-Ho Hockey pucks.. they all come individually wrapped and look like hockey pucks when unwrapped….


I again turned to Etsy for all of our paper products…. While I like to think I am crafty – I came to the conclusion along time ago that if I can delegate – it will help things go smoother…


So I asked one of our previous vendors ( to make the stickers for the ho-ho’s…. the birthday banner… the table decorations for each child – their name, age and coordinate with the Sharks logo…I also learned that when dealing with a licensed product (or team) almost everyone wants to make sure they are not infringing on copyright issues… so I went directly to the source and contacted the Sharks NHL team and asked for permission… and while I got as close to it as anyone could legally give… I thought it was fun that I was able to share the intentions with our beloved organization… and as long as we were not mass producing anything.. we were in the clear!  We also had special cupcake wrappers made… Teal and Black for Alex and Pink and Teal with Kenzie was the theme!


I then moved to the cake and cupcake tower ideas…. I figured I could bake the cupcakes myself – along the teal and black theme… (Teal for the vanilla and chocolate for the black)… but I have a love of fondant and what it brings to cakes… so I went back to etsy and found a lady who would make us Shark Fin cupcake toppers…( the logo was too difficult for cupcakes – so we had a large logo and birthday sign made for each child and had Jessica from Cakes by Jess make the cake for the top of the towers…. It took it off my plate.. which was greatly needed.


For the actual towers… I ordered the standard white foam ones online and then spray painted them each black and used scrap book paper – in black and teal glitter to line the trays…


Next up were the favor bags – Again, the paper tags came from our vendor off etsy and we used simple handle bags from Michael’s… we filled each bag with an assortment of items: All of them had hockey ducks from oriental trading, along with black and teal party beads, shark bubbles and we then threw in merchandise we had gotten at the yearly Sharks store clearance sale – pencils, stickers and for the older “kids” and adults, hockey pucks, etc…


We also left out a bowl with temp. Sharks Logo tattoos  – This made it easy to put the mini Sharkie stuffed animal from the mascot appearance into the bags… Each child also got a free skating session and a build your own zamboni….


Also in the mix was our awesome friend and photog Tim Cattera from…. I LOVE hiring someone else to capture the photos… The day is so crazy that by trying to play photog myself.. I never got to enjoy the kids… so I was thrilled…


Especially for this party that was located 25+miles away from our house… It also happened to fall in line with a HUGE surprise and finding out that we were pregnant with our youngest daughter… so aside from all the emotional craziness.. I was soooo sick…


I left SC as early as possible to drive to Sharks Ice and unload all the items and to start set-up.. Pizza and soda came with our party set-up.. THANK GOODNESS so food prep was off the table with this one….


This was our last “CRAZY PARTY” up until this point… I have a few ideas in store for the futur… but as you can tell.. considering this was 2years ago… we have had a lot on our plate…. The good news… is that when I look at these photos..(and the only one we have with Eric and I, Alex and Kenzie is hard to look at for me) it seems like a lifetime ago… we were miserable… we were unhealthy.. and our family was falling apart behind closed doors… I assumed this would be the last family photos we had together…. And I think I threw everything into planning this for our kids… one last amazing memory….. THANK GOODNESS I was proved wrong…. And the kids got an incredible day….


I hope you enjoy the details and remember… be present for your kids… they loved this.. but Kenzie really loved her last birthday – just last week… that didn’t have special plates or balloons.. that was sooooo uncoordinated, it was funny.. but she had her family, cousins and a grocery store cake… and if you ask her.. it was even better than this one….



teal cupcakes

Sharks Party Table

Sharkie and Mack

Sharkie and Kids

Momma and Kenzie

Momma and Alex

Kenzie's cake2

Kenzie's cake

Kenzie with mommy and daddy

Kenzie on the ice

Gift bags

itty bitty cookies

kenzie and daddy

Kenzie cake by Tim

Kenzie Cake

Daddy and Kenzie

Daddy and Kenzie on the ice


candy bar2

Candy Bar

Birthday Tables

Black and Teal

Both Cakes

cake table

Candy bar closeup

Amber and Kenzie By Tim Cattera

Alexs cake

Alex cake

Alex cake by Tim

Alex by Tim Cattera



Alex and Cousins

Alex and Sharkie by Tim Cattera

Alex and sharkie in locker room

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One Response to Sharks Hockey Themed Birthday

  1. jmagen says:

    Of course… Since its been 2yrs!!! Since I did one of these… I realized that I left off all sorts of details… like the balloons, candy bar signage, etc… and ya know what… its totally okay… if anyone has any questions – go ahead and ask… it was awesome.. it was over the top… I am soo glad we did it… but at the same time.. I am sooooo glad that we got passed that time… next blog posts will be about Ironman Mexico.. and our WEDDING 🙂 The move and the future! but I am glad I finally blogged about it… since I have only wanted to do it for 2yrs.. LOL

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