NY – and finally getting settled….

So the girls and I have been in NY for about 4 weeks… and finally feel like we are getting settled… we are getting into our routines and enjoying the country life (minus the bugs)… but… we are trying to slow things down… because here in upstate NY.. things are a bit slower… the sense of urgency is different.. and yet.. Eric and I still feel like we are living in CA time… and we are trying to embrace this new pace… and for the most part.. I AM LOVING it…. I don’t miss the traffic or the driving or the feeling of being stressed to the edge at every moment… Life is still busy… we are still balancing work and family but it seems a little easier to do so and it seems to be slowing….


I still OWE some massive blog posts…. going all the way back to the kids 3 & 5yr old Birthday Party…. but aside from that…


Eric rocked Ironman Los Cabos and it deserves a massive post… he is still training and trying to get back to the intensity needed for Mont Tremblant in August… of course all the hotels in the area are booked… so not sure what that is going to do to our plans… and then of course our move, etc…. so I will be getting on that!!!!! 🙂

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