So much to blog about.. So little time!!!

It’s been far too long but the past 2 months have been insane!

1. We got married!!!! (5.5years later with 2 kids together and 4 total) and we planned it in 2 months!

2. Ironman Los Cabos – Eric finished strong in a race that had a 40% DNF rate (his coach won his age group)

3. The middle child started puking in Mexico… Puked the entire plane ride and then the youngest started.

4. I was the sickest I have been in years in the week we were back… Which also happened to be the week we packed up our house for a cross-country move

5. We are insane but its starting to mellow.. With my husband in NY and I on CA with the kids until a few weeks from now…

Lots to blog about… Will do soon… It’s insanity right now!




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