Coast Ride 2013 – Day 1


Day 1

It’s Saturday morning around 6am.. The van is cranked up to 80degrees inside to offset the outside chilly temp of 35degrees. Strawberry Shortcake is playing on the monitors for the girls and all is calm.

We have checked in Eric’s bike and bag and now we wait….

He will be departing Mill Valley, CA (North of San Francisco) and riding around 130miles today to end up across the Golden Gate Bridge and in Marina, CA (near Monterey) this evening.

This is our first event that we are not completing the entire event as a family… And it gives me a bit of anxiety…. Not that Eric is not capable.. Because he is the most independent capable man I know…but because I love seeing him at the completion of each event.. Supporting and debriefing…..

That being said.. We will be meeting him tonight as the end hotel is only about 45mins south of our home…. Then tomorrow – he will set off on his own until Tuesday evening when we pick him up at the airport.

I think this will be a weekend of growth for both of us. It’s another confidence build for him and only strengthens his training for Ironman Los Cabos coming up in March… But it’s growth for us as his support team…. We can still support in different ways and knowing we can’t be there at every check-in and every stop – is good to remember.. Even though it kills me. I like being his documentarian, cheerleader and partner in every sense.

So my dear.. As always.. I am beyond proud of you, all that you have accomplished and all that you strive to accomplish and every step of this journey… I wish we would follow along as your SAG support but at least we know you are in amazing world class hands with SAGMonkey.

Ride like the wind… But take time to enjoy the view and the experience… What a great and perfect way to start to say goodbye to CA.

Love always,

Your Support Staff!

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