Ironman Austin 70.3 – let the prep begin


We are in Austin!!!!!

It’s hard to believe that Eric’s first Ironman event is here(or nearly here) When we sat down months ago to pick the races – it seemed like it would be forever before the 70.3 was here… And now.. Here we are!

The trip so far has been pretty easy.. We got up early and packed up the girls and headed to SFO.. We were pleasantly surprised when we were ushered into a “family line” to get through security and minus a delay off the runway – all the was good.

We got our bags (sans bike and gear – but I’ll get to that soon) and found the hotel shuttle… Made our way to the hotel and minus my blood pressure rising when we were told that our fridge reservation wouldn’t be honored… We didn’t run into any issues.. The girls did well and so did we.

Our hotel room at the Hilton Austin Airport is nothing to write home about… But the beds are comfy and clean… We got the fridge after all and are sorts going with the flow.

We got freshened up and meet some friends for dinner… And after the $55.00 in cab fares decided to rent a car… LOL.. But it was a great evening…

Thursday we woke up to a plumbing issue but once it was resolved we headed over to grab a rental car… An turns out it took them about 45mins to find a car (only complaint so far about Texas is the lack of understanding about reservations)… We then headed over to scope out T1 and the lake…. And drive a bit of the course – next up was lunch at Subway and then we heads back to T1 to rendezvous with Eric’s bike and gear… His gear transport was by FAR the best decision ever!!!! SAGmonkey swung by our house last Saturday and picked up Eric’s girlfriend (Specialized Shiv) and his gear bag and personally drove them to Austin, TX… Along with some friends…. When we met Nick and Jimmy today they really went ABOVE and BEYOND. They lubed and tuned the bike and as we sent off Eric to ride half the course – they treated our 3yr old like she owned the place! Winnie the Pooh soon replaced the music and wifi, a phone charger and cold beverages were offered… it was such a pampered and luxurious experience and beyond that… Nick and Jimmy just care.. I watched them work on each bike – wiping them down, tuning every detail and happily answering the hundreds of questions from the 3yr old… Nick let Mackenzie help him
Place tape to trouble-shoot a rattle and Jack, the friendly golden-doodle, would gently push his ball with a playful hop… Nick and Jimmy made us feel like family while taking professionalism to the next level.. The care they took with the bikes, gear, kids and us was amazing…

After Eric returned from his ride, we handed off the bike – which they then looked over and adjusted again, and off we went to Wally-World for water, yogurt, milk, etc… Then finally
Back to the room… We decided to avoid traffic and dined at the hotel restaurant – which stated that is was farm to table and utilized local and fresh ingredients… We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and freshness… It was a bright spot in the ho-hum-ness of this hotel experience… After dinner it was hot-tub time… We are loving the Austin weather and after the family soak time.. It was time Jammie’s and bed… Tomorrow will bring packet-pickup and the expo.. I am sure Eric’s nerves will build but we are here and prepping for Sunday!!!



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