Team Connell

So.. I think by now we have established that I can go a little, okay… A LOT, over the top with my spontaneous ideas…but it’s only because I LOVE my people with every ounce of who I am… and well… when my guy signed up for this crazy adventure.. we signed up along with him…

So in the past year he has given up smoking, started to run and has compeleted 2 10k’s, 2 1/2 Marathons, 1 full Marathon and 2 Olympic Triathlon’s… with his first Ironman event quickly approaching – I wanted to do something to show our support… that went beyond a cardboard sign….and there is nothing wrong with those signs…. I longed to have those signs at the early events… that I had prepared enough in advance and could pack them without being seen… to have that element of surprise.. to root on our guy.. and it never really happened… except for the San Diego Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, where we were able to make some signs  during a covert op during the expo.. that was fun…

So with Eric’s first Ironman event quickly approaching – I decided on T-Shirts… something simple.. something that would scream our support and show our guy that we are SOOOOO BEYOND PROUD of him….

Well.. yesterday when I got home from work, I found a perfect little package from – The Support Staff T-Shirts had arrived..Simple and very in-line with the Team Connell brand, that is being created… LOL… well.. except for the fact that Eric thinks I am off my rocker most of the time.. since he doesn’t really scream from the rooftops like I do.. and is MUCH more understated in his journey than I am….but maybe thats why we make a good team.. we tend to balance each other out…

So the girls and I will be packing our Team Connell shirts and rooting him on via the sidelines at Ironman Austin 70.3 in just about 2.5weeks….

Gooooo Team Connell….

and…Eric just posted this and I found the humor in it.. because yes… yes.. being or in my case.. living with a triathlete is very much JUST LIKE THIS….

You Know You’re a Triathlete When:

1. You spend your annual 2-week vacation at a training camp.

2. You are up everyday by 5:00 am, but never in work before 9:30 am.

3. You think an Ironman is easier then a Marathon because you don’t have to start by running.

4. Nobody believes you when you say “Never Again”. …

5. During vacation, when everybody else is partying, you go to sleep at 10:00pm because you’re going for a long ride the next day.
6. Your kids grab water bottles and energy bars when you suggest a family stroll.
7. You get done with a hard workout and drink a recovery drink while on the toilet and in the shower.
8. Your idea of a great B-day is to run your age in miles with a couple of friends.
9. You think it’s natural to do your ‘business’ behind a tree in the woods.
10. You co-workers don’t ask you if you’re going to train this weekend, but how long and how far.
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4 Responses to Team Connell

  1. up by 5am but never in work before 9.30… so true!

  2. Jaclyn says:

    Ha I did number 8 this year but on the bike!

  3. CustomInk says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll help you scream it from the rooftops: TEAM CONNELL ROCKS!!!!! We love the tees and you’re right, they’re an awesome display of support. Please congratulate your husband for us. His dedication is amazing (up everyday at 5 am!!) We hope to help create many more tees for you and your family. Keep wearing them with pride!

    • jmagen says:

      LOL.. THANK YOU.. We love them and are packing them up for Austin this weekend,…. and he is actually up closer to 4:15am every day… but who is counting at that point? 😉 LOL….

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