Happy Birthday….

October 3rd is a day that changed everything… On so many levels.

#1. October 3rd, 1997 is the day that Eric’s first daughter was born… and WOW does it blow my mind that it has been 15yrs. Amber changed everything for him. Made him a parent for the first time and showed him a love that is unparallel. Without going into all the crazy details that have gotten us to this today in 2012.. I remember that day as clear as if it were yesterday… and watching her parents prepare for her arrival – it was amazing.. and over the past 15years she has expanded all of our worlds and I count myself as blessed to have been part of her life.. from the first time I met her; that morning in October, to the day she was brought home, to watching her play as a toddler on the beach – to watching her turn into the young adult that she is…

#2 – It is that deep and unconditional love that brought us to October 3rd 2011 – a year ago from today…The day that Eric gave Amber (and us) the greatest gift ever.. He quit smoking…. After having smoked 1-2 packs per day for years and years.. he finally and quietly made the decision to stop… and with that decision came a transformation that I struggle to put into words daily.

He did this and choose this day.. specifically because of Amber.. because she, along with all of us – would rag on him, beg him and finally would quietly pray.. that he would quit.. She didn’t know it at the time.. but this really was his gift to her… above all of us… He wanted to show her just how much she means to him.. and that he was listening all those years and hopefully – this day would ring that much more significant for her as well.

When Eric stopped smoking… he not only saved his life (I believe), but he saved our family – He saved us all from Second and Third Hand Smoke… he saved his daughters from a life without their father and he saved us and our relationship… He made a conscience decision to change the course – to pick a better path… and in turn, we all joined him on that path.

October 3rd will ALWAYS be Amber’s Birthday and a day that changed Eric’s life forever… but that date now represents so much beyond just her birth.. but is a re-birth for Eric and our family… It is the day that he choose life and health and a better future for us and the children..

So Happy Birthday Loves… To Amber – for coming into this world… and to Eric – for choosing to stay in this world and creating a healthier, happier and more engaged version of himself… for Amber and for us all.


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