Eric’s New girlfriend… And more equipment…


So remember when I said that this new found hobby was not exactly inexpensive.. Well… Combine my our love of equipment with Eric’s birthday month AND coupon codes and well.. You have the perfect storm.. The philosophy of only spending the money once, also comes into play….

So Eric brought home his new girlfriend..and she is gorgeous.. Nice long lines, light as a feather and by all accounts will be one fast speed machine… The only think missing is carbon wheels.. But I think more research and trying a few sets may be in order…

If she spoke, my jealously may kick into high gear… He’ll be spending an awful lot of time with her (and the pool and the road/trails) coming up… Such is the life of a partner of a triathlete…. We will come back around to this topic πŸ˜‰

So.. Being that it’s Eric’s birthday month we have had all sorts of goodies showing up… It also helps that we got a very nice discount code to TYR from his Tri Coach…and I just like being able to say “happy birthday” on random days…. And to be honest.. It started back in May.. But what can I say? Except that I am SO my father’s daughter! (any excuse for gift giving makes us happy)..

So not only did Eric bring home his new girlfriend.. But a solid travel bag as well as some carbon tri gear all arrived on the same day! He may not have a thing to open on his actual birthday.. But we keep it exciting around here..


And being new to this tri thing it sorta seems like you always need “just one more thing”…. Like the travel bag.. It’s awesome but I don’t think it appears to be workable for transitions… So a transition backpack will be in order shortly…of course.. What do I know.. I am just up close and personal with google but have yet to experience a transition yet.. Hahahaha

His first olympic tris are coming up in September and his 70.3 will be in Austin in October… We are currently working at picking his full distance IM and considering Los Cabos in March and potentially Lake Placid next summer…. I happen to be a planner, which is good because IM takes planning.. Usually a year in advance… And I am coming to embrace that our trips and vacations will soon be centered around races and events… I expect that if we ever get married that this event would need to either be scheduled in the off season or alongside an event.. For the time off and all… But I am probably getting ahead of myself πŸ˜‰

I think I will look at the events as our payoff.. For all the hours of training and coordinating schedules, missed family time and tiredness… These will be the rewards….Family time or maybe even one day – adult alone time .. That will involve NO TRAINING.. Just race prep.. The race and then a few days of nothing… Don’t get me wrong.. This journey has been amazing for Eric as an individual and for our family… But let’s be honest.. I am never tired LIKE he is.. Sure I get exhausted from being a mom and working and being a parter who also plays personal assistant … But I am still never TIRED like Eric.. I joked today that I should train like Eric so that I can sleep like Eric… And sometimes.. That is exhausting…. To want to be WITH your partner… To stay up and talk.. Or snuggle or more πŸ˜‰ to take advantage of quiet evenings when by some miracle the kids are all asleep before 8pm… It’s hard knowing that I long to be near him and wrapped in his arms and he longs for his bed… It’s sorta funny and comical.. And sometimes its hard to not be jealous of the training and all that it takes….But it’s the part of partnership that matters.. Supporting the goals – even in the moments that you would rather be selfish..

So I think I will look at the events as the reward.. That and having a healthy partner in mind and spirit… Which makes our family healthier as well.

It’s hard on both sides but the rewards are big…

I often giggle to myself when I think of the response that my friend Joy gave to me when I told her that Eric was thinking about Ironman.. And what should I expect.. She sent me a URL to a YouTube video… Which I will get and post here once I am on my laptop and not the phone.. Because looking back.. It is sooo honest and truthful.. It’s that much funnier today…you’ll have to watch it because I am not sure any triathlete or partner of one will disagree πŸ™‚ (if you get impatient.. Search under ironman training on YouTube and click on the computer animated video called “I’m training for an ironman” it’s in black and white….”its okay because I WILL BE AN IRONMAN”…) also do this if you are THINKING about signing up for this training.. And make your family watch it.. Because yep.. It’s pretty accurate πŸ˜‰ but it really and truly is an awesome and amazing journey… And we have not even gotten to the big races yet!Β  – It still makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! “You are truly insane”… Welcome to our world!

Eric trying out his new gear…I am a lucky girl πŸ˜‰


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