What’s for dinner? Body By Eric

20120712-222738.jpgBody By Eric is what I have affectionately dubbed our eating plan.. It’s not a packaged plan and is pretty darn simple. It was formulated by doing some Good ‘ol research and by seeing what works for us.. And Eric and I both have very different needs when it comes to nutrition. For starters.. At a the very basic foundation – Eric eats meat and I do not. Eric works out like a crazy mad man and often burns more calories in a single session that I would eat in an entire day….and yet – we eat a lot of the same things and I have followed what he does as close as I can.

I often get asked “what do you guys eat”.. So I took a picture as I was putting Eric’s staple for the week into the oven. For him.. Boneless-Skinless-Chicken. We often crockpot it for a few hours and then season it when it is done.. But baking it – according to Eric – gives it a different taste. We sometimes think he may sprout wings for all the chicken he eats.

We buy the foster farms no salt added boneless/skinless from Costco.. It seems to be better quality and lower in sodium than most other places and brands.. Even the Foster Farms from Savemart has different nutritional details…

So today.. I preheated the oven to 350 and rinsed and seasoned with Garlic Powder, Black Pepper and Herbes de Provance. It was then baked for about 55mins. Because I don’t eat meat it’s always a little difficult to judge when it is done.. And boneless/skinless can go from underdone to overdone in about 3 seconds.. Today I cut a few of the larger breasts in half to check the inside and baked it for an additional 5mins since I just felt they were not done… It makes cooking meat interesting.. And interesting for Eric to eat it…

Oddly enough.. This was NOT what was for dinner… But will consist of lunches and snacks for a few days for him.

Eric’s Dinner- Organic lean ground turkey from Costco – cooked in a pan with taco seasoning.. Wrapped in a low carb/high fiber whole wheat tortilla with 1/3 cup light shredded Mexican cheese ad 1 cup organic brown rice (Trader Joes) with Tapatillo Sauce.

Jenna’s Dinner- 4 egg whites pan “fried” with pam spray until very well done and a side of fresh avocado.

I have to watch my dairy and green vegetable intake as our daughter is breastfeeding and highly sensitive…

**please note.. We are not medical professionals nor have any degrees or training in nutrition… We do our research on Google and through other means, pay attention to our bodies and do what works for us and happen to be sharing that information….. Body By Eric is not approved or supported by anyone other than us… Please consult your own professionals for any official weightloss/nutrition plan**

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