I dub ME the equipment manager

20120712-215428.jpgSo as with any team you have the cheerleader, and manager and if I am part of the team.. You have equipment!… As someone who played competitive level sports for many years – one of the things my dad and I would do together was equipment.. He was king of making sure I had the right Lotto bag, indoor shoes, warm up pants, cleats.. You name it.. If I needed it – he took care of it.. So as I have gotten older I have come to realize that I am my dad’s kid.. And this can be dangerous… It’s all out of love ad support.. But equipment? I do equipment well….

What this means is, I am always on the hunt for a sale or looking at this or that.. And when it comes to Tri’s.. Equipment is the name of the game… I mean you have 3 sports.. That all require different items for training and race day.. It’s a crazy chaos that I am learning.. And of course Eric is the research king.. So we make quite the pair.. Then combine this with a philosophy that has been ingrained in me since birth… SPEND THE MONEY ONCE.. What this means is get the best that you can get at the time. You don’t need 3 grey skirts, my grandmother used to say, just one Fabulous one… Well.. It’s the same with equipment.. Why get the entry level (insert whatever item you want here). Just get the best you can afford so you don’t have to upgrade in 3 months.. Thus spending the money twice… This makes for interesting shopping trips…

So in the name of equipment and finding our bags easier when we travel.. I had custom luggage tags made..

I thought it would be cool to use the MDot but was informed that until a IM is completed.. We will not be using any MDot items…remember – I am the lead cheerleader too 😉

So we have Team Connell with the SJ Sharks for before an IM and MDot for after… Thank goodness for Etsy to help feed my need for custom awesome:-)


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