So… Ummmmm .. Yeah..

So this year FLEW by… last we chatted we were in the midst of Sharks Hockey Party planning.. and then.. I dropped off the face of the earth.. even before doing a proper party re-cap.. which, I will in fact do.. because our vendors and everyone who helped pull it off rocked!!!!!


Why the silence you ask?.. well… We were hit from right field with a very SURPRISE pregnancy and that took a whole lot out of us.. emotionally.. and me physically… but we have added an amazing new baby girl to our family.. I was beyond sick the day of the party (physically) and shocked to the core.. it took a long while for us to wrap our heads around this little one and the miracle that she is.. but it still took us a while to embrace her… that being said… Baby Madison arrived 3 weeks early and is a total joy.. but between the pregnancy.. working my day job like crazy and then having a toddler, pre-schooler and the faux step-daughter who is hitting pre-teen with grace and crazy.. well.. the blog got pushed aside…


So while I still owe a very thought out post with pictures.. we are in fact in party scramble mode… we had decided to not do parties this year – Yes I know.. I am starting to sound like a broken record.. but Mackenzie, the soon-t0-be-three-year-old – learned that her birthday was coming up.. she danced around the room, shaking her booty and proclaiming that it was party time… we are now having a party in just over 2 weeks… *faint* and I don’t have a theme.. however, I am thinking we will do an “Everything Mackenzie Loves” party.. seems fitting.. we threw together her Brothers – by the same theme – just months after she was born.. so maybe this is a tradition… and we can re-use all of the left over teal and black items from last year *wink*.. I promise to return …

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