10 days and counting….

OMG *faint*

I looked at the calendar today and realized that the kids party is only 10 days away!!!!!

One of the nice things about needing to move up the date, is that it will be done and I will be able to share pictures sooner than later!

I believe that everything that has needed to be ordered, has been and while I still have a bit of a “to-do” list.. it is def. on the reasonable side.

The San Jose Sharks Ice Rink has been booked (It is one of the practice facility’s utilized by the NHL San Jose Sharks Hockey Team)

Sharkie, the teams mascot has been booked and confirmed and is the main reason that we moved the party date up by 4 weeks.  We will have 30mins of interaction time with Sharkie for the kids (and adults), a sharkie plush doll for each child and pictures and fun.

All the candy for the candy bar has arrived, minus one bag of replacement candy, the candy coated malt balls got damaged in the shipping but www.bulkcandystore.com has been awesome at fixing the situation.

I also got the candy scoops and found them for a steal – Though a word of advice.. go with 1 or 2oz sized scoops… the 4oz are def. bigger than needed.. but glad I have something – along with stainless steel tongs….to keep sticky fingers and germs out of the jars.  I am super excited to see this candy bar set-up.. I still go back and forth between wondering if I have *just* enough to be sure that I ordered WAY TOO MUCH!!! So I will love being able to set everything up in the awesome jar collection that I have going.

I also decided that I should make lollipops… I know.. craziness… but I made some samples out of candy melts and the kids seems to dig them… and they are way easier than cake pops! (or less time consuming anyways!) melt them… paint the details with tooth picks.. fill and set…I am still not sure if these would have been cheaper to just order off Etsy… but I think for the minimal effort, it will be fun and I will be able to do them again and maybe utilize better quality candy and chocolate – and it lets me pretend to be crafty and all of that! I do have to say that I am slightly disappointed that the party has been moved from the connector/party room, upstairs to the sports themed restaurant – since the backdrops to the candy bar, etc.. will now be much more busy and cluttered… cause I am all about the visuals!
So my plan is as follows.

I am going to load up all the stuff into my car and leave the kids at home – get there early and do the set-up.

In my mind it goes like this.

The facility will have tables set up with white table clothes and paper products in Teal and Black – I am bringing in the additional decorations such as Balloons, foil streamers, foil pom poms, etc… we will also have additional tables, such as:

1 – Candy Buffet

I anticipate needing to fill the table with these jars and candies.

Candy List

  • Hershey’s Kisses – Silver and Blue foil wrappers
  • Gummy Sharks
  • Blue Sour Cola Bottles
  • Black Candy Coated Malted Milk Balls
  • Black mini jawbreakers
  • Black Sixlets (Chocolate)
  • Silver Gumballs
  • Blue Raspberry Cream Bites
  • Blue Rock Candy Sticks
  • Blue Hard Candy Balls
  • Blue Shark Fin Lollipos
  • Lg. Black and White Swirly Pops
  • Mini Blue/Teal and blue swirly pops
  • Black, Teal and Silver Round cookies – both favor size and itty bitty size
  • Ding Dong Hockey Pucks
  • Rice Crispy Treats

 2 – Favor Station

I will be assembling individual favor bags for each kid that will include the following

  • Shark Tank Bubbles (Oriental Trading Company)
  • Hockey Stick Pencil & Eraser (Oriental Trading Company)
  • Hockey Player Rubber Ducky (Oriental Trading Company)
  • Shark water squirt toy
  • Shark shaped cookie cutter – with favor tag
  • San Jose Sharks sticker
  • I will either put these in bags or have little bowls for people to utilize during the party
  • Black and Teal Mardi Gras beads
  • San Jose Sharks Temporary Tattoos
  • San Jose Sharks Nail Stickers

3 – Cake and Cupcake Station

I currently have 2 cake/cupcake stands that I will be setting up: One for each child.

I am not sure if these will fit on the candy buffet table… so I may have to figure out some fillers or just place each on one end.

Both will be Black with Teal accents.  Alex’s cake will be a 8” round covered in Black fondant to look like a hockey puck and Mack’s will be covered in Pink Fondant.  Each will have coordinating cupcakes on the stand as well.

4 – Coloring and activity station (for the little ones who are not skating or taking a break)

I have found and printed out coloring sheets with San Jose Sharks Hockey images and generic hockey images and will need to pick up crayons from the dollar store.  I will probably find black paper cups to put them into – or small glass votives.

5 – The ice rink provides a “build your own Zamboni” activity and my guess is that may take up space.. but I am not sure…

 4 – Present table

I would love to have a banner with each of their names and either hang it above or affix it to the table to indicate whose presents go where…


I did in fact have a party planning nightmare last night… which is always a sign.. LOL

It was the day of the party and none of the printable’s or fondant had arrived – and in my communication I found they were all scheduled to arrive the day after the party….. I freaked, then adjusted, then freaked…. Then woke up!  LOL

CreativeQueenBee on etsy just confirmed sizes and quantities this morning for the printables and I got the final fondant cupcake topper sample from KidsCakes on etsy… LOVE THEM!

I can’t wait until I can share all the party images and only hope that after styling it – it comes out to the vision in my head and the kids have a blast!!!!

Happy Party Planning!!!

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