Fashion Diva Party Planning

So while I am in the midst of Sharks Hockey Party Planning.. that may or may not be 3 months away *blush*

I have helped my stepsister of mine brain storm the cutest Diva/Fashion Party ever!

Think lots of Hot Pink, Zebra and Rhinestones…..

The thought was to provide a fun and fabulous “dress-up style” party for this very special 10yrs old’s birthday party.  She loves fashion and funk and all things girlie and sweet.

Fun decorations and multiple “stations” such as:

1.)    Makeup/Glamour Girl station:  Either a self serve makeup station with lots of shadows and glitter or a station with two “makeup artists” to help the girls set the foundation of a simple eye and lip and then have all things glittery that can be added.

a.       For Boys – have hair gels, spray colors, etc…

2.)    Nail station: Polishes.. bling… etc..

a.       Nail Bling

3.)    Tattoo Station: Temporary tattoos of the rhinestone and glittering variety…. Many can be found at

Glitter Bracelet Tattoo’s

Glitter Tattoo’s

More Girlie Fun Tattoo’s

4.)    Bling station: Bowls filled with custom jewelry; rings, bracelets, etc…

Ring Bling

5.)    Wardrobe:  Think Feather Boas, Jackie-O inspired glasses, fun hats, flower and bling hair clips and you could even go tutus, Diva Gloves, etc…. has a great selection of reasonably priced items…

a.       For the boys.. think sunglasses and even a hat or two, depending on the number of opposite gender attendees

6.)    PhotoBooth: A place set up for the party goers to glam it up in front of a camera.. simple backdrop and a manned digital camera.

7.)    Photo Frames:  Depending on your time-line: you could have each party goer make a foam frame as a take-away party favor and then either print the images right then and there or create a simple share site through a service like: You can also stuff these into your favor bags and even create your share site in advance and print up a postcard with the details: offers inexpensive and often free, printing services.

For decorations – go with the pops of color!  Since this special girl’s day is in May, the bulk of the party will be spent in the back yard.. paper lanterns, tissue paper pom’s, Maribou puffs, etc can hang from the trees.

I typically go with solid colors for table “cloths” and you can easily find black at the dollar store and do a hot pink over-lay and then coordinate with fun and funky napkins… it helps to keep down the cost… same with paper plates.. so with solid colors..

again: black and hot pink and then bring in the “fashion” with the napkins and other touches….

Fashion Inspired Napkins and other fun paper products

You can also find this fun printable package and then use your highlight color.. like: Hot Pink.. or Teal or whatever color you would like to use!

You can also get some bulk plastic drink wear – such as: Fun Martini type glasses.. you could even bling them out with adhesive jewels and tages, etc…

Bulk plastic Martini Glasses

Be sure to have a “red carpet” (or hot pink runner) entrance and you can even set up a backyard catwalk for the mini-models to strut their stuff.

While I don’t think that you need to do big centerpieces at kids birthday parties.. if you have the budget or desire… you can get Gerber Daisey’s in Hot pink from floral wholesalers for about .65 cents a stem.  When put into glass cylinder vases – They can make a fabulous centerpiece.

*Used as a centerpeice for a "cocktail" themed bridal shower

Copyright ~ Jenna M Photography

Def. be sure to set up the candy bar with hot pink, black and white candies and if the budget allows; even add in some silver metallic’s…

You can find a fabulous set of Apothecary Jars on sale right now online here.  You can also find them at Michael’s (if you print or have a 40% off, it typically makes them around $13/each: Pay close attention to the quality as each piece can differ greatly).  The other great source is  Save-On-Crafts – I am waiting on an order before I can talk quality.  I would also recommend clear plastic tongs and scoops so that your bowls of candy do not become gem infested goodies…

In my current search for bulk candy, the following sites seem to provide the best prices: , , ,      However, don’t count out your discount warehouses such as Costco, Sam’s club and even Target, Walmart, CVS – especially if there are any deep sales or after holiday clearances that may provide candy in your colors… Oriental Trading Co. is also a good resource for unique and inexpensive candy items but their selection can be hit and miss,

The cake would be well served as little fashion diva cupcakes with some chic cupcake fondant toppers – these make the “do-it-yourself-cupcakes” take on a whole new level without the big price tag of expensive bakery  mini cakes…  You can either use a cupcake tower or make your own…. You can stack platters on bowls, cut plywood on blocks of wood that have been spray painted, stack cake platters or buy your own (Wilton has a plastic variety and you can also find cardboard or Styrofoam that be been covered with paper and ribbon or spray painted)

Etsy Shop

Found on Etsy

Etsy is your party planning friend

Etsy Fondant Toppers


Of course, you can always go over the top with a local bakery to have  your theme turned up a notch.

Music:  Music will play a key role in this party… you don’t have to be an experienced DJ but def. create a fun and vibrate play list… think dance and club music and make sure that it is your target age appropriate…..  If you have the space and your location could warrant it.. def. check out disco type balls and hang those as you would the colorful lanterns, etc… either from tree’s or ceilings!

For your party favors:  Def. have clear plastic bags for the attendants to take home candy bars goodies, they can add these to their already prepped favor bags.  Go with a bulk paper handled bag or even some of the fun animal prints that you can get 1-2 dozen in for fairly inexpensive.   For the contents you can add the following:  Puff pens (easily found at the dollar store or other online vendors, lip gloss or other age appropriate make-up, a journal or pad and then their dress-up gear of glasses, boa, hat, bling, etc….

I recommend creating gift tags and prepping a favor bag for all who RSVP (and remember to have a few extra on hand for those that don’t, or change their mind last minute).. You can come up with a design of your own or have some created on Etsy… I recommend working with TomKat studios or JuBeMe if you can, on something custom or one of their already created designs.. or find another shop on etsy, whose designs, styles and prices that you like.  Often you can have a whole set of printables created that coordinate.. everything from your favor tags to labels for the candy bar, banners, etc…. I find that a consistent theme and feel really makes your event have a polished look and feel.. and if you don’t have the time, someone does.. and how fun to help contribute to a small business; often mom or dad owned and run.

You can also stuff the bags with extra dress-up gear or towards the end of the party, take them around to make sure that they stuff the bags full… I always try to remember to create a bag for the birthday girl/boy as well.

Another fun giveaway is a personalized CD with age appropriate dance and party music with a custom printed label: either through your printables vendor or from your own home computer.

A fun idea for the gift bags or picture frames:

Self Adhesive Bling

Products for your goodie bags:

Mini Emery Boards

Shimmering Marabou Pens (Best price I have seen for the quantity)

Glitter Note Books

Diva Ducks

Lip Gloss – Candy Shaped, but you can find others

Don’t forget the bags.. there are lots of different sources… here is just one (though you get 100 bags for 18.95)

Buy them here


Here are some images to help with your inspiration!  Sources are listed with each image….

Happy Party Planning!!!!!

~ Jenna

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  2. Jeena says:

    You have a lot of really helpful tips. Thanks, going through the links now!

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