The Art of Compromise = Success

We have reached a fabulous compromise….. 1 party for both kids.. which, honestly – makes a lot of sense.

At the ages of 2 and 5, their guest lists are essentially the same and having their birthdays all of 1.5 months apart, makes it logistically acceptable – At least for this year…..


We, the adults, are SUPER excited!  We have talked about a San Jose Sharks Hockey theme for the past 4 years… and now just seems to make sense.

The location is in the process of being booked: Sharks Ice in San Jose which will include ice skating lessons and games for all in attendance, a surprise visit from Sharkie (still needs to be booked) and other fun activities!

Being at a facility will in many ways help save on the cost and set-up time.. of course.. all of those facts will allow us to get more creative on the details….


ideas are peculating…different potential vendors are being contacted on etsy.. from custom cookies to hockey puck shaped soaps….a candy bar may be called for in colors Teal and Black and searches are being done around different ideas, crafts, goodies, etc… stayed tuned for the details…. This should prove to be tons and tons and tons of fun!

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