The Art of NOT planning a party = big giant FAIL!

So a word of advice…If you LOVE to plan birthday parties and events…. never ever try to agree to not throw your kids a birthday party…Its torture I tell you.


We talked about it this year and for a variety of reasons, decided to not throw the kids their annual birthday parties… now I am waffling and trying to convince the other half to change his mind every few weeks.


The ideas are starting to flow and it just feels like they would be missing out… especially the 5 year old.. who was to have a very awesome San Jose Sharks Hockey themed party this year….  And while the 2 yr old may not remember it or feel like she missed out – How cute would a rockstar dance party theme be for a special little girl who adores music and dancing?


So.. I am currently trying to convince the other side of the powers that be…. To heed to my party planning ways….


So the baby’s would be at the mid to end of March… and I feel relatively confident that it could be thrown together with the level of details that I have come to expect from myself and well.. Alex’s would be in July…. And the good or the bad of it is.. that really… I could have thrown this Sharks Hockey themed birthday party for him since his second party.. but didn’t want the details to be too easily forgotten… the 5 year mark does seem like the perfect option… and I am even considering something I have never considered before… Using a facility.. and one that is 25miles away…. However.. there is good reason for this.  San Jose Sharks Hockey has a practice facility and one where they hold lessons, etc… and now host birthday parties…. So it would involve ice skating lessons for all… a visit from Sharkey (as long as he will visit this facility – which I would imagine he would)… a hockey puck style cake and cupcakes.. fun favors and an afternoon filled with hockey for the wee one’s.. and the facility may actually keep the budget under a reasonable amount… who knew!


Stay tuned for news of the convincement…. And the details! 😉


Alex’s theme would be without a doubt.. Sharks Hockey… Mackenzie’s… would be open to negotiation!  Though RockStar Diva is at the top of the list!

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2 Responses to The Art of NOT planning a party = big giant FAIL!

  1. Just press upon the other half that it is just one day out of a whole year. How significant is that? It is a day that really needs to be marked in some way otherwise you will be able to turn the clock back and set it right. No room for regret here…

    Good luck !

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