I LOVE instagram!

If you know me… Then you know that I am not often without a camera… My DSLR, point and shoot or good old iPhone…..which has – in my opinion – changed how we capture our moments in life.

I did an entire 365 project with my iPhone and apps (just makes it easier than hauling out the Canon)…. And I have just discovered instagram!

If you have an iPhone or any phone that will download it – DO!

It’s a simple filter for your images app but takes it to the social networking levels… You an view a stream of “popular” which shows popular images posted from all corners of the globe… Like photos and follow other posters… It takes the concept for iPhone photography to another level… Many even post images from the SLR’s …. My guess is they load them from their computers to phones…

It is awesome to see cherry blossoms snapped by someone in Japan or someone’s pet cat in Europe or even local sites near you…. You get to know folks by their user names and photos.. Nothing more…. And I think it rocks!

And… If I cAn figure out how to add a photo via this mobile post….. You will see!

Instagram – jgarcia

See you soon!

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