I am back…. Friday Fabulousness


So yes…. I have been gone for a while… things have been a bit… shall we say.. challenged?

The holidays came and went and the kids had a blast… they continue to grow and shine and make my world amazing…..

I had been interviewing a ton and really expected to have a few offers prior to xmas… they did not come.. in fact… the company that had told me that I would “hear from them very quickly and could I start as early as January 4th?”… still has not called or sent email… this is what gives recruiting professionals a bad bad bad name… so I moved on and sent out more resumes and low and behold.. I found a PERFECT fit.  It is a 6month contract.. but the exec’s rock and the technology is cool and it is a small open space start-up where I can have impact….

I start Tuesday.

Friday is fabulous!  I am so looking forward to having a paycheck again and being able to get myself back to being financhially independant and moving forward….. I know it is only a 6 month contract but my hope is to get even on the bills I have and bank a bunch for a buffer – I have learned that you never know what the market will hold and how quickly another contract or job will come along….

So I am optimistic.. I have been cleaning out my life!  Purging items and selling things, donating things and taking care of myself.. tracking my food intake and being more active.  The Wii came into our lives at the holidays and what an awesome thing.  The kids and I throw on Just Dance 2 and momma gets a great cardio workout and the kids shake their booties and ask for “dance party”…. I have lost a few pounds.. I have many more to go… but its all good…

however the ick that has been going around is on round 3 of my body… it has been coming and going since the first week of december… I lost my voice and was down for the count for a week or so… got better.. the kids got it… then momma got it… we all got better… the boy got it, eric and mack and it is back to me…. trying to shake it before Monday… Hot Totties anyone?

So I am back or semi back….. to chat and share.. though the direction of this space is still not all that clear to me.. but it will be what it will be.

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