How do you support a global economy? With Etsy, of course!

How do you support a global economy?  With Etsy – of Course!

By NUSADUA2003 on Etsy

As I was working on another treasury (Can I just tell you how much fun it is to internet shop – especially when the funds are lacking to actually purchase!)..and I noticed that often I am looking at the shops of people from all over the world.  Istanbul, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, the US…. and how cool is it to know that when shopping at these stores, not only are you supporting people and families to follow their dream and do what they love by creating something.. but you are in fact helping the global economy…. Lets say you buy a necklaces made from freshwater pearls from a jewelry maker in Thailand.. how far do you think your $25.00 US dollars will go? or a gift from a woman in Istanbul or felt braclets from someone in Africa….. Many places take the US dollar much further and frankly, I think giving a gift made from the other side of the world is also pretty cool!

and just because I ❤ to share my own personal style… you can find the latest here! Bonus points if you love SUSHI! and you can find all the special treasuries by Me 🙂 Here!

Now… off to shower and tackle my mile long to do list – one item at a time…

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