Friday Fabulousness


Lets all thank Friday Fabulousness via Dial M for Minky for getting me to blog at least once a week… not sure anyone really reads or cares… but I think it is a good excersise for me.. since I tend to be more of a “cup half empty” than a “cup half full” type of girl… so it is good for me to recognize FABULOUSNESS at least once a week.

This week… Its my resume and my experience….. I have long been proud of my resume and the accomplishments I have had in building my career in Silicon Valley.  I have been through a lot of pendulium swinging and crap-ass economies over the past *cough* 10+ years…. but I have managed to hold onto my career and somehow continue to grow it and learn new things and accept new challenges.

So while today equals a week of being unemployed, I have had several phone interviews and two ROCKING interviews that are shaping up to turn into onsites with companies and positions that could take me to the next level… The even longer commute options are making my tummy churn… but the thought of an awesome company and being able to bring home the bacon for my family makes it all a good thing….

on top of that… I booked two photos shoots for this Sunday!  One in front of the camera (which I have not done for over 4 yrs – in fact, the last time I represented myself as a “model”, I was pregnant with my son) but it is for an awesome hat company HeadNHome and it should be fun! and the other puts me back behind the camera for an engagement shoot… so Sunday will be full of camera fun which will equal money for bills which is all good!

I have also been having a great time with the family.  I have a “to do list” a mile long… but have gotten to enjoy bagel breakfasts with my little man and lunches and grocery shopping with the big man and lots of cuddles and playtime with Mack….

So I am thankful for getting job leads and interest and being able to spend the time with my family, knowing that the bills are getting paid and there is food in the fridge… for all the imperfections in my life… there sure is a lot of good… and I work each day to remember that.

Have a FABULOUS Friday and remember to stop and find the positive.. it really does help! I promise….

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