Friday Fabulous Via Dial M for Minky


Major case of the blahs over here… I should be used to things like budget cuts and contracts ending early…. It is part of the nature of my day job business.  I deal with Talent Strategy and Planning… nice fancy way of saying that I am a recruiter and I look at companies from an organizational perspective.  So Monday ended by being told that the budget was cut and my last day will be November 5th. SMACK! right in the forehead… I had it on good authority that this contract would at least last until the end of December… so yeah.. slightly shocked and the wind out of my sails and panic mode sets in and then take action momma comes to the rescue.

Within 24 hrs I had an onsite interview (really not the perfect match) and a phone screen (and potentially a good match)… If anything.. I have confidence in my skills and my experience and I have a darn good and solid resume…Still not happy to know that essentially I have 4 weeks to secure something before the holiday slow down occurs.. which.. puts me into panic mode…

However… On Monday I fully finished my first 365 Photo Project!  While I had attempted it in the past.. this is the first time that I actually completed the year.. and it feels great!  On top of that I delivered another share site to a client who loves it and the photobook I created and have several more shoots on the booking horizon….I have had my fair share of unemployed times.. again.. its the nature of my business but I LOVE what i do and can’t imagine doing anything else (well.. besides planning parties for a living or traveling the world with my camera and family)…… So Friday Fabulousness for me is about the Photos and the experiences that they capture.. for Halloween Weekend, sure to be filled with cuteness and for at LEAST getting call backs in this crazy economy…..and especially… for Stephanie over at Dial M for Minky, who makes us all look at the week and our lives and acknowledge what is fabulous! Even when it is looking pretty grey and the Blahs just won’t go away… It helps to be reminded that while Life may not be grand at the moment.. it could most certainly be worse.

Here is the series of photos that ended the 365 project.

Miss Mack with her puppies!

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