The Photog Post

So in the last post I did mention that I would cross-over with the photog side of things and blog a bit about the shoots.

The day went from a hot, bright and sunny 80 degrees to 65 and this… in a matter of under 10mins.

My friend Anita was in town with her family for a wedding and we agreed to meet and do a little trade.  Anita has just launched Girls Gone TuTu and she made Mack the CUTEST and softest “wonder woman” inspired tutu…and I was going to provide a FABULOUS photo shoot… of course while I watched the thermometer in my car go from 80 to 65 degrees in a matter of miles and watched as the HUGE fog bank rolled in under 10 mins – i may have been slightly worried!

We had a blast catching up and her family is beyond too cute for words….We were able to capture some very special moments and I am looking forward to getting them their full album later this week.

Also – for anyone local, I am still running my special which includes a discounted sitting fee, 1 digital file and 50% off my entire digital album prices!  Don’t miss out!


"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.."

Charging the Surf


**All Images and Photos are Copyrighted~ 2010 ~ Jenna M Photography

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