365 Photo Project ~ iPhone Style

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am never often without a camera – some sort of camera; my canon, the point and shoot or often… the camera that is my iphone.

After a couple of different attempts at a 365 photo project using the Canon 40D (and never really getting past day 200), I got my iphone and discovered all of the different photo app’s.

I decided that I always have my phone and what a great way to actually capture an entire year… The catch here, was that I needed to at least take one photo per day and any editing or post processing needed to be done via apps… I figured this was a more attainable goal, than pulling out the big camera, tripod, remote, etc…. especially while working and having kids and a household.

Next week will mark that 1 year mark for me – and I can not wait to put all the images into a photo book… but it also means that I will be starting another 365 project.  It is amazing how much changes in a year…and it is a special thing to capture those moments.

Here is an image from last week – simply a picture of my commute: edited with Photogene and HDR.


When the new project starts – I am going to ATTEMPT to blog the image each day.. or at least one a week.  Stay tuned!

365 iphone photo project ~ Copyright ~ 2010 ~ Jenna M Photography

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