Friday Fabulousness via DialMforMinky

With no parties to plan or cakes to practice baking – I dont have a whole lot to chat about…

but there are several things that make me smile… One is being able to photography families and children and capture those moments for them.  I say it often, but children are never as small as they are right.this.very.moment – ever again.. so every image is a special time and image captured.  (I will do a post on the photo side of the blog with the recent session).

But what I am grateful for every single day are these 2.

Image from my 365 project: At least one image a day taken with and edited via iphone and apps.

I don’t feel like I have provided them the ideal life or existence – but they give my life meaning in ways I could never have imagined.  They are my reason for everything and I can only hope to be the best momma ever to each of them.  While life may not be perfect, my children bring a smile to my face every day… even when they don’t listen or throw a fit.. I remind myself.. that with one smile or “MOMMA” or “I Love you”… my day is brighter.  Always!

I had attempted doing a 365 self portrait photography project with my Canon and only ever made it to around day 200 or so.  When I got my iphone I decided to put a new spin on it and do a 365 photo project using only my iphone.  My goal was to take at least one image a day and any editing had to be done through an app.  I am approaching the end of the project on 10/25/2010 and am so thankful for the images I have captured throughout this year… I believe I will be doing the project again!

Here are a few just from this week


Ayla loves it when I work from home



My drive into work: edited with Photogene and HDR app



Cartoons and Puppies help mommy get dressed in the morning



Our Little Shopper (and I secretly wish I could dress myself like I dress her) 🙂



Snuggie Bug


They remind me to laugh and giggle and my silly… and I love to simply watch my kids play… I love the twinkle in the eye and the look of “are you watching me mommy?”…

Friday Fabulousness is all about how special my kids make me feel and how much I LOVE being their mommy and it is an honor every day… and I need to remember that on days when I don’t get home until 7pm and all I want to do is sit and be quiet and sleep…. but then I get to the door and the bottom of the stairs and I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as she runs to the baby gate and jumps up and down and squeels with delight – That.. that is my reason for it all. ❤

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