Cakes! – Friday Fabulousness!

Hello strangers!

As I have mentioned many a time before.. I long to be crafty – to be artistically gifted and think of an idea and have it flow… but I am just not!  however, I do believe that as I get older, my craftiness does get better.

With not having any parties to plan…I planned a cake!  for my Faux Step-Daughter’s 13th Birthday!  and while she may be my faux step-daughter, she has been my goddaughter for the past 13yrs… long long long story…..

So I decided that I wanted to work with fondant and maybe I would try to make some fondant figures!  I am a big fan of Etsy for my past fondant figure purchases, but I thought I could attempt it.

So I baked the cakes and stacked them up and crumb coated it.. and I even impressed myself this time.. it looked like a real cake.. not one that was trying to be the leaning tower or piza or about to crumble

{Hold for Picture}

I then started on my figures… I wanted to do something that she loved.. besides shopping… so I chose horses!  She loves horses.. she wants her own [Didn’t we all want a pony at 13?] but she really really is a natural in the saddle… I searched online for pictures of fondant horses.. some awesome and some not so awesome!  I had only made 1 little shaggy bear prior from YouTube instructions….so off I went… I had a tub of pre-made fondant from the Superhero party and figured I needed to turn it brown.. I used some gel food coloring and was off.  I do think they turned out looking like horses.. maybe more like a cow-horse.. but again.. not so bad… This was a progression for me and one that I really like.. I do feel like I have hands the size of giants and can not figure out how people get those tiny, perfect details….and I also learned that to spend 2.00 – 5.00 on a perfectly executed fondant figure is really a steal… it took me a long while to color the fondant and shape it and while it was a labor of love… it was not the easiest thing… and you know what… rolling out fondant to equal widths.. yeah.. not so fun.. I have the rubber rims to put on the rollar but wow.. its a work out!.. which in my case.. was probably a good thing 🙂

Here are the progression photos of the last few times I have attempted cakes/cupcakes!

I attempted to make Alex’s Birthday cake last year.. and besides melting twice.. it ended up being held together with toothpicks!

Then it was Eric’s Birthday.. and this one came out better.. except one of the sides collapsed.. 🙂

and then it was my sister’s Birthday..and this was my FIRST fondant cake ever! – it worked out pretty well…

It was also Halloween time and I was not working.. so I often did baking projects with Alex…

Then it was the superhero party.. and I am very proud of how these came out!

Then I attempted a shaggy bear off of YouTube instructions…. it looks like a mouse – but I did do this quickly and with older fondant…

which lead to Amber’s cake! (I made the horses, covered the cake and made the grass icing… the flowers and butterflies are left over from Mack’s birthday party)

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2 Responses to Cakes! – Friday Fabulousness!

  1. Minky {moo} says:

    okay the little horses are adorable. you’re really getting better at this! And I agree, as I get older my abilities get better.

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