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What is more FABULOUS than real and true love?





So while I may have started to feel extremely sick last week… like the dizzy, puking, fatiqued type of sick that makes you a bit panicked and driven to take two HPT (even though the monthly friend was not due for another 2 weeks)…type of sick…. I had the pure JOY of attending and photographing (backup images) for my step-brother (technically ex-step-brother – but with this family tree it is easier to simplify) and his new wife!

Erik & Melinda started their love affair 11 yrs ago and finally made it official in one of the most loving and tender events I have ever been part of.  Not to mention that it was a riot to see people I have not seen since high school… it was amazingly gorgeous and sincere and emotional… and even while ducking out at 10:15pm to drag my sick self to bed with the baby…. I missed the cake and most of the “wedding events” – which, when you combined Persian and italian families, includes belly dancing and shaking your booty to all hours of the night.

I was honored that Erik & Melinda asked me to provide supplemental photographry support to capture their guests and those moments that the official wedding photographer misses while doing the official stuff…

So congratulations to my brother and new SIL… your love is inspiring… as as it was said in a poem… Wishing you 18,000 more days of I love you’s and hand holding.. and once you reach that 50yrs… hoping you another 18,000 happy days to know that you are stronger together than you are alone…

for more… visit TheBenaquistos  copyright~2010~Jenna M Photography

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One Response to Friday Fabulousness!! Via

  1. Karen G says:

    The wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun and her dress is beautiful! Hope you are feeling much better now. Happy Friday! :>

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