Friday Fabulous on Wednesday!

So this is the post I wanted to blog about on Friday.. and while I know that logically, Nicole and most people I know – have no idea this little corner of cyberspace is mine… I did not want to risk it.

I was honored when Nick came to me with his plan to propose to his girlfriend of 7 years and asked if I could capture the moment for them…. *enter FREAKOUT!* and while I have just started to get comfortable with calling myself a photographer – I have never solo shot a wedding for this reason… the thought of missing those once in a lifetime shots freaks me out terrifes me… and rightly so.. I almost missed this one since I was hiding beind a BBQ pit and was 90% certain that Nicole was taking a bio break… but when I popped up my head.. Nick was already reaching for the tiny blue box with white ribbon *swoon*

She said Yes! and it was a very Nick & Nicole event.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! and Nick… you did good with your planning and sooo glad you have taken my advice and notes over the years!

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