Alex’s 4th Birthday Party – SUPERHEROS!!!

Cookies by Sugar&Flour

The party was a HUGE success! Or if I measure by the smiles and hugs and fun factor from Alex…Then it was a HUGE success.. we were at the park for 6.5 hours and he still was not ready to leave.

 Usually we are kicking kids out of the bounce house, etc.. and this year, the party was pretty much over well before the rental folks were coming to pick up the bounce house, snow cone machine and soccer kick carnival game…. So it was a good lesson learned as well.

 We usually do Alex’s party in July, near his actual birthday and kids are still out of school – because we pushed out the party – kids were either back in school or returning this week… so the 7hr package could have been 5hrs instead!

 It was really nice though because we had the help to clean up and basically it was just Alex and I after everyone had left to finish cleaning and we enjoyed the snow cone machine and bounce house and opened it up to the party next door to enjoy.. which Alex loved since it meant more kids to play with!

 I also decided that 11:30am parties are wayyyy too early!  I had done a lot of pre-prep and had the party started at 12:30 or 1pm, I would have been ready way before hand…. But getting to the park at 9am and then a few hiccups, had me running around crazy and was VERY APPRECIATIVE of all the help!

 Also… It would have been a good idea to pre-cut all the shields and initials for the capes and assemble or have them ready to assemble.. but I wanted to give the kids the opportunity to pick their specific colors… this created a little bit of ciaos (and I should have had more sharpies and scissors).. but it all worked out very well….and it worked having the capes on one table and the loot bags and masks on another…. And the kids (and parents) seemed to love the activities and even the youngest got involved and had a fun and unique take-home favor .

 Here is a sneak peek of some of the images.  I will do a more in-depth post about the full set-up, details and vendors… and of course all that helped inspire me, the party and the CAKE!!!!! (which I did not really do justice to – but not bad for my second time working with Fondant!! and looking at the picture now.. I see where I went wrong!)


I hope you enjoy!

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6 Responses to Alex’s 4th Birthday Party – SUPERHEROS!!!

  1. Kristen says:

    Awesome! The cupcake/cake tower is AMAZING! Like my jaw dropped from the amazing colors and display!

    • jmagen says:

      Thank you so much!!!! That means a lot to me since this was def. the craftiest I have gotten with a party… and I think it came out great! I see stuff I could have done better or prepared better for… but its all a learning process!

  2. Loida says:

    WOW!!! Amazing party!
    Where did you get the cupcake stand?

    • jmagen says:

      Thank you! I Semi-Homemade the cupcake stands. I had ordered the white styrofoam stands off of ebay ($9.00) and then spray painted them Black Gloss (I used a styrofoam approved product – but it still ate away at it and probably wont use those style stands again – you can get Wilton stands at Michael’s for 19.00 and if you wait for a 40 or 50% off coupon.. they are the same price but made of heaviver plastic).. So I spray painted them, picked some scrap-book paper I liked (and on sale – 5 sheets for $1.00 at Michaels) and then attached the ribbon with scrapbook glue. It was actually super easy.. but I was not thrilled at the paint eating away at the styrofoam and think you can probably spray paint the plastic ones as well and have a more durable and long lasting item

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