Friday FABULOUSNESS via Dial M for Minky…

Its Friday!!! * Happy Dance*

Even bigger happy dance that I am working from my bedroom and about to go take a shower…..

This weeks FABULOUSNESS (Dial M for Minky) is the above… work… paycheck and the ability to work from home and plan slightly over-the-top-parties for my kids!

Even though I sorta blew my budget by forgetting a few things and have to cut out the balloons – though I am taking a local biz owner a proposal that would be hard to refuse later – lets see if it works…

I am one lucky girl to be employed and have amazing kids! 

Speaking of that… I recently purchased black glossy, approved for styrofoam spray paint… ya.. not so much!  I have painted the white cupcake towers black.. but the paint has eaten away at the corners.. good thing it makes it a bit “superhero creeoy” and will work…..The favor bags are all put together and the loot bags are decorated…. I should be cutting felt shapes out.. but the capes that were ordered from etsy are still NOT here.. slight freak out.. but they will get here…… the other Friday FABULOUSNESS.. I can’t share until later tonight.. not that I believe anyone involved has discovered this little internet space.. but just in case.. I am going to be honored to be part of something very special!

So today it is a shower and snuggles with the kiddos.. while working.. tomorrow is a day full of baking..wish me luck! and Sunday it is party day… and I am sure I will be back with lots and lots of photos!

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2 Responses to Friday FABULOUSNESS via Dial M for Minky…

  1. Minky {moo} says:

    I fully plan on going overboard with M’s parties too. How can I not?

    • jmagen says:

      I totally agree!!!! It is so much fun!!!!! Not many people around me really “get it”.. but I think they will as their kids get older…. HAHAHAHAHA

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