The list of resources and vendors!

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I have gotten a few requests for a list of my resources and vendors that I have used, so I thought it would be a good idea to list them all – give credit and have a history!

I used a lot of different resources for ideas and inspirations.. starting off with a google image search and going from there.  There are a lot of highly creative folks out there and I was surprised to find so many awesome ideas!

Here are some of mine!

Inspiration and printable templates

Blog    Blog#2

another inspiration board… check out the C2B plates in the corner.. if you can find them – they would be a score!

Find it here

How awesome is this! And if you can find spandex on sale for a table cover.. do it!  I am dying to!

Awesome favor pails!!!!   

I don’t do paper invitations for the kids  birthday parties.. but I love these designs!

The Captain America balloon art is way impressive

Superhero Academy certificate template


Stick candy – often you can find these at dollar stores as well.

 Printable stickers

You can also print out your own coloring pages or create your own book

Superman returns items.. *Tip* you can also search ebay and amazon for balloons

 Superhero font for creating your own printables

and I LOVE THIS COMPANY! And think it would be a brilliant idea in the states!!! Seriously.. places like NYC, SF and LA to name a few!!!!! So if you are down under… take a look! You could do so many fabulous things – if your budget and location allow.


So I have a wonderful network of old and new contacts that I call upon when putting together any sort of party.

I thought that it would be really useful to list them all for you – especially for those of you who may be planning your own SuperHero party!

The Crafts and take home favor portion: Create your own Capes, Masks and loot bags

 Favor Capes – by cuddlebabys on etsy

I have not gotten these yet – but I expect they will be awesome!

I decided to have plain black capes made – you could easily do this yourself.. but I am just not that crafty and as much as I would like to sew… I just don’t.. even though there are no sew options out there!  Again – I would watch the after Halloween sales.

Cape decorating tools and accessories.

I have found several templates online, but am planning to use Martha Stewarts as well as this one.

Mask Template

 I purchased self adhesive felt from S&S  as well as searched Michaels and other craft stores. 

The felt from SAS is pretty soft, but it should work well.  I will be cutting the templates this week.

I also ordered self adhesive shapes and letters but to be honest.. the letters are super small and flimsy.. they work well for the loot bags and probably the masks – but we shall see.


Felt letters

Felt shapes

You can purchase letters at a local craft store.. but if you have the time.. I thought this was a FABULOUS idea!  I found some onsale for .29 each and went that route.     Such a wonderful and easy idea.. just takes time!

I also decided to purchase some self adhesive foam shapes like glitter stars, etc…..

I have some craft glue for backup when/if needed.

I had high hopes of using firm felt to make the masks myself but I really don’t have the time and while I could have purchased them on etsy for 3.00 – 5.00 each.. that just wasn’t in my budget – but they are out there and pretty awesome!

Instead I purchased black masks (24) and some sequined (12) ones from OTC

I would keep your eyes out for after Halloween type sales!

 The plan is to allow the kids to use the sticky felt and foam shapes to create their own spin on the mask!

Also on the craft table will be loot bags for the Pinata.  I actually took stickers and brads from OTC and decorated them a bit.  I will leave the other stickers out and the kids can attach their names or decorate the bags even more.

 I bought the bakers dozen, natural type handle bags on sale at Michael’s and used the following.


Epoxy Stickers

Marvel Stickers for favors

I had not purchased this set, but will be shortly to have on hand

 Because I am on the OTC site. I also got these for the favor bags

Then it was decorating idea time and for me… the decorating ideas always start with the cake!

I took my inspiration from SouthernBellesCharm and the awesome party that she threw her husband! 


She also shared her secret to her awesome cake/cupcake tower – that  I will put to good use next time, but had already purchased some Styrofoam towers off eBay.. which are great.. but can be costly with the hidden costs of spray paint, ribbon and scrapbook paper

 “The cake and cupcake stand is super easy. I had my husband cut me 3 pieces of plywood. When you order your cake – it is easier to to know the dimensions of the squares. I did 12″, 15″, 18″. Then I spray painted them black. I covered the top piece with a sheet of scrapbook paper that was a metropolis theme (just because the cake was sitting directly on the painted square). I used bowls between the layers for height. Anything would work really. Cakes have a tendency to have weight to them so you will have to practice balancing the layers once you have the cake. Then I took 1.5″ ribbon and sticky taped it around the edges. I put the cupcakes right up to the ribbon and I was done.”

Again, if my budget would have allowed, I probably would have had her just handle it all.. but – I do like to be unique and put different ideas together.  She has an AWESOME Party-in-a-Box and uses vibrant colors!

 I ordered these awesome superhero favor tags and “cake toppers” from kabibimei

I also had her do some cupcake toppers and “door signs”

  • The favor tags were a little smaller than I had originally thought they would be – but they still look really neat and are def. fun! – I have tied them to each favor bag and it gives a nice detailed look.  I will also tie some extra to the giant lollipops that I got at the dollar store.
  • The door signs will probably be stuck to some wooden posts.

 I also ordered additional cupcake toppers from Emanon on etsy

I wanted to be able to use them for other food items or favor bags or whatever…

With the same idea… I ordered a few other paper goods for decoration from CreativeQueenBee


I got the Pow’s and Zap’s and then decided that we should do some larger superhero’s and a birthday sign for Alex… I will use them on the cake and expect to utilize them for a centerpiece idea I just came up with (if I get around to it) but can also place in the food items, or be used in a scrapbook, etc…

I also found these VERY cool and unique cupcake wrappers on etsy by ComicBookNovelties

They will def. be a fun detail and I am super excited to see them on!  They are all upcycled from old comic books – which I think is way cool!

I also bought cupcake tin liners in primary colors to do the actual baking in and think they will be a good under-layer for these!

Then it was time to figure out the party attire!

We suggested that the party goers come in Superhero inspired Tshirts and shorts, etc… since our location is at a park… and the little ones may get hot running around!  I actually found a Justice League shirt for my at Walmart as well as a Superman one and wonderwoman in adult sizes… you could easily get black shirts and iron-ons or puff paint and have it be a craft…. 

The kids were the big ones here!

Alex is a HUGE fan of Flash.. so I went with that and had a custom shirt done for him by FrayBabyBibs

FrayBabyBibs also did a Wonderwoman shirt and star skirt for the baby

and the very talented designer at Georgia Blue created the best little bows for Mack.

She is having a special 50% her awesome bows!  I highly suggest you go check out her etsy or facebook fan page!

Amber will be sporting a vintage style batgirl Tshirt.

I then had a very awesome “Flash inspired” cape and wonder woman cape made by MagicalCapes

And a last minute find and decision brought me to Discovery Denim who created Flash inspired Superhero cuffs, a matching mask and wonder woman inspired cuffs for the baby…

***In Hindsight, it may have been good to go with one vendor for all of the costume stuff as the reds and fabrics may not match.. but it should be fun and I just grew my vendor list and network by a ton!!!!***

 In the last minute category – I have several dozen of paperia’s yellow lighting bolt’s on their way…   if it is not windy – they will go on tables and in favor bags… if it is windy – they will go in the favor bags and maybe the piñata.






Cake and Sweets

So while the ideas behind the cupcakes/cakes inspire – the details for those items take a little more time.

For fondant details I typically use CRLCreations; She also did the Fondant Flash for Alex’s actual birthday family celebration..but she is taking a break and I was forced to expand my fondant suppliers!

So I looked high and low and picked 2 vendors to go with.

 KidsCakes responded first but was heading out for a vacation and could only commit to styles that she had done in the past.  So I placed an order for her generic cupcake toppers and was thrilled.. but I needed to find someone to do the 3D figures.  I base a lot of my research and decisions on past work and prices.

 I came across Sweetly Done who got very excited about the project!

So I have 4 3D figures coming… and… we came up with a plan to do 24 different superhero logos.. (I am thinking they will line the bottom of the cake…but we shall see).  Their prices for custom fondant was exceptional and their previous work looks super cute – so I am very excited to see the end results.  I am expecting all the edible items this week! 

I came across SugarandFlour for Mack’s party and her itty bitty cookies were a HUGE hit!  So, while this was a bit of a splurge – we have a package (8dz) red and a package of yellow stars coming.. along with 12 superman favor cookies and 6 Flash and 6 batman… I am super excited for these and you MUST check out her new design.. It is FABULOUS!!!!  perfect for a wedding, shower, garden party, etc…

I will also create a list of different resources and searches…. And here are the links to my idea albums on Flickr

Gallery #1

Gallery #2

Some other items and images!

superhero-masks          superhero-pow-invites

SuperHeroInvite1   Superhero Cape Template



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