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Friday Fabulousness is the brain child of the uber-fabulous Stephanie over at Dial M for … and today it was a wonderful reminder to be positive.. focus on the good and let the negative go blurry!  I work or try to work very hard at being a “glass have full” person because I am really a “glass half empty” person and have been for as long as I can remember.  So this week has been pushing my limits of frustration… I am pissy, tired and cranky.  I have been short and impatient and not-at-all-thankful.  I have tried to point out people’s short-comings and double standards and instead of letting them go and moving on.. I get more pissy…..

so.. right here.. right now.. no more pissiness! (or I will at least give it the good ‘ol college try!)

Other than Stephanie’s wonderful reminder of Friday Fabulousness – it is also a reminder that TGIF! and in 1 week (and two days), it will be party time!!!! … and trhen who knows what direction this corner of cyber space will go…. but… that also means that the last of the little packages will be arriving and everything will be coming together and I will get to see the joy on my kids faces…. and will be reminding myself to not stress and enjoy!!!!

Yesterday, the mail brought a wonderful little package of detail that no one may even notice.. but I think they are AWESOME!

A new kid on the block over at, ComicBookNovelties only has one item in his shop right now.. but I LOVED the idea of upcycling something into such a cool item!  So I ordered a few okay.. a bunch!  I just got them and I think they will help to offer a fully finished look to the cupcakes I will be creating and hopefully will have people looking past my novice attempt!

 I am hoping that today brings other goodies that I am waiting for; like the kids wrist cuffs and Alex’s mask.. and next week should bring the delivery of the fondant toppers, figures and awesomness that are the cookies that I am expecting from SugarandFlour.  Favor cookies and itty bitties, that are my sister’s favorites!

So yes.. I am very excited and this weekend will be full of printing out signs and templates and making sure that everything is on its way or ready to go!

So please.. everyone remember the FABULOUS in their life and practice Friday Fabulousness! (Thanks miss Stephanie!)

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2 Responses to Friday Fabulousness via

  1. Karen G says:

    Love finding new etsy treasures! And while I tend to go to extremes…either hand crafting a custom kidlet bday party or running out at the last minute for all store bought items……kidlet bdays are so fun. Wishing you smiles & a great party one week and two days from now! :>

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