Things that make me smile!

CreativeQueenBee sent me this wonderful package, which I will use for Alex’s upcoming superhero party!

Which brings me to: Things that make me smile.

Some people have asked or made comments like “Why do you care so much about the details? or… They are only  (insert appropriate age here), they will never remember”….

The smiles.. the giggles… the look of shock and awe and pure unedited joy.  That is what makes me smile.

Now.. that reaction can be from my kids = Pure Bliss.

it can be from a friend or partner or a stranger… who may be shocked by a moment of unexpected thought or realizing that their friend had listened and heard them one day when they mentioned X…. I LOVE to make people smile!  I LOVE to make them feel special and wonderful and amazing.  It can be anything… a gesture, a thought, a cup of coffee brought to a meeting or a 1.00 surprise….  if it makes someone else happy… then it makes me happy…

but one of the things that makes me giddy with excitment are coming home to packages in the mailbox or on the door step.  Surprise packages are awesome… but.. the ones that contain the goodies I have ordered are like Christmas to me… to finally get to see something live and in person and hope it matches my vision and usefulness.. and something that gets my creative juices flowing… makes me feel like a giddy school girl!

So today, when i was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.. yes.. the traffic gods have not liked me much this week…. I opened 2 packages that I recieved last night (but being that I got home close to 8pm.. I didnt want to do anything but eat dinner and snuggle my babygirl)… one contained assorted Mylar balloons – which was cool…. but nothing too exciting… the other contained an order from Etsy and really… these are some of my most favorite packages to open!!!! Everything is hand crafted and I have yet to be disappointed.. except maybe the time someone shipped my items in a shirt box and all the little goodies with cherry blossoms for my soon-to-be-born-babygirl went missing, except for the booties and I never got a refund or replacement… but I digrese.  I LOVE etsy.. like adore it!  I always find new things and inspiring things and things that make my heart beat a little more… mostly, I window shop and day dream or create items to gift myself when the extra funds are available… but etsy is my GO TO place when planning a party or a gift…. I LOVE it and almost everyone I have worked with!

I shopped for Mack before she was ever born on etsy, her crib bedding (both sets) were created by someone on etsy…I have bought baby gifts and tutus and onsies and cookies, etc… and etsy has been beyond awesome for Alex’s party!

I have gotten several awesome items and met several awesome vendors and will be providing a list… This cake topper/cupcake toppers are just the latest arrivals.

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