Monday….. Monday!


You’ll notice that I started this blog post, yesterday morning….. HA!

It’s a Monday… in all sense of the word!!!!!

This morning came all too quickly….yesterday was a day spent unexpectedly, it was a good day, but not how we had all planned to spend it.  We wrapped up the evening watching “Bounty Hunter”… it was def. cute and entertaining.. it won’t win any Oscars… but man… I wouldn’t mind having the time or funds to hang out with Jennifer Anniston’s personal trainer and chef for about a year!

The baby slept in her crib successfully all night with only 2 wakeups… and was still asleep this morning at 6am so that I could take a shower.

I made a trip to Michaels and believe that I will be attempting to make alex’s cake and cupcakes this year… how I will do this on Saturday and somehow transport them all on Sunday is still a mystery… but I am sure I will figure it out!

So that was Monday…. HAHAHAHA!  Tuesday came with dealing with a car dealership.. and in the end – The Guy, got to drive home his very first brand new truck!  Everything worked from the trade-in value, the payments and is everything he needs for his profession!  We ate some take out, played with the baby and put her to sleep.. she did not come out of her crib until 5:30am but it was a painful experience for all…. followed by a 3hr commute that both started and ended at home… the road was closed so it became a Work-from-home-day for my day job…. This also meant that during my scheduled breaks… i did some PARTY stuff!!!! Whooo Hoooo….

So I assembled the favor bags.. and they are darn cute! I also organized everything into a pinata bag, location decorating and crafts bag!  HOLY ORGANIZED BATMAN!… I then decided that for the pinata loot bags – I would use the same bags (handle bags from michaels) and gussy them up using stickers and what i think are scrapbooking supplies that I got from Oriental Trading Co… which ROCK!  I need to make a few more and think I will do a special one for Alex…

I also discovered a local party store that is run by a husband and wife team and very cute! Paradise Party on 41st ave next to subway for any local peeps!  I think they may work with me on filling up the Mylar’s, latex balloons are cheaper and they will deliver!

So really… I have minimal stuff left to do!

* I need to/want to pre-cut the shields for the capes

* Need 1 more pkg (bakers dozen) of natural handle bags from Michaels

* Piñata (the local panaderia has awesome Spiderman piñata’s for 19.00 – and there is a chance that they can make me the bad black Spiderman or a villain in time for the party! SCORE!

* Balloons – ordered

* Tubs for drinks and ice borrowed

* Food Shopping

* Decorate the cake stands when they get here

* Purchase a few bright yellow table clothes and plates.

* Make sure I have a final count and enough favor bags and loot bags for all…I think kids and parents alike will be stoked!!!!! and.. HELLO! Target!  the dollar spot had spiderman socks and superhero pens and colored pencils, etc… so the pinata will be more useful stuff and less junky stuff and candy – so fun and useful!

Super stoked I am!  and I will be doing the cake and cupcakes.. wish me luck.. i still have to figure out how to transport.. but it will come.. now to go look at the location pictures – put a plan on paper and make it as simple and straight forward as possible!

Whooo Hoooooo

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