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Happy Friday!


So after being in Excel spreadsheet hell yesterday and taking a break to see what the dollartree website had to tell me, I made a quick stop after leaving the office and I scored BIG time!!!!!!  I am talking packages of 10 – yes 10 – Marvel superhero taffy’s for 1.00 (.10ea)  and band-aids with superhero’s and hulk and spidey tookbrushes and puzzels and HUGE lollipops and board books galore!… I do believe that the goodie bags are stocked.. i just need to grab the bags I want to use and confirm the number of kiddos.  This my friends… is why it is sooooo easy to go over the top!

If someone were to open the trunk to my car today – i think i would at least get some giggles!

1.) Folded costco table (to be returned)

2.) 7 Mil camera bag filled with the gear

3.) personal laptop

4.) Red patent leather 6″ plateform-stripper-to-the-knee -boots (had them at a consignment shop that closed, along with a few little black dresses that are in fact a little too little!)

5.) Diapers, baby toys and a bag filled with changes of clothes….

I would say that I am def. a well rounded momma!

I will have to take a photo of the goodies.. because it really was a steal to get all of this actual marvel stuff – including batman cups and bowls (for craft table) for literally.. under $100.00!

Did I mention that I got red and blue table clothes…. big and small plates and red streamers too? I just need the bright yellow accessories and a pinata!  and I did  come up with a most excellent centerprice type thing for the balloons.. that will rock and be like 3.00… i can not wait.. I really do think this will be the best one yet! – even if I don’t get to everything I want to do!

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2 Responses to Friday Fabulousness! from

  1. Minky says:

    Thanks for linking up! I have to say, my kid is obsessed with toothbrushes, I might have to get him a spiderman one. He just barely knows who that is…but still!

    • jmagen says:

      I love that he loves toothbrushes! Alex was the same way and we let him play with them.. I used to find them hanging in the car… but he is a superstar brusher now! I am doing the same with Mack and frankly, you cant beat a $1.00 toothbrush they keeps them interested! 🙂

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