Getting Excited for the Super Fun!



So I really must say that I am getting very excited to see Alex’s party all put together!

I love the planning process; the research and brain storming and seeing what other have done out there.  I am pretty confident that this will be another hit party… I al also confident that as much as I try to plan and make the set-up as easy as possible… it wont all get done as I have hoped and planned.. because well.. it never does and I do try and enjoy the moment with the kids!


I think all the big stuff has been done.. for the most part!

Mylar balloons have been purchased, utilizing ebay and amazon.. Once they arrive I will go to the local party store and purchase the coordinating latex balloons and see how ood of a job I do at convincing them to fill up the mylars and deliver them all…. Lets hope for a non-windy day!

The plan is to have a balloon type centerpiece on each table and have the different stations.

1.) Craft Station: creation of personal Superhero Capes and Masks (the masks have been ordered and the blank capes with felt and foam cutouts)

2.) A cake/cupcake and present table (the fondant 3D figures and toppers have been ordered, along with some very awesome favor cookies and itty bitty cookies.. which I will also put on this table.

3.) Favor table. personalized bags, etc….

4.) Food table – need to make up signs and such

5.), 6.) 7.) – Set up for the sitting and eating of food!


We will then have the bounce house, snow cone machine and carnival game… should be good, good fun!



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