Artistic People ROCK!

Superhero Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Jen’s Cakery.

I think in the short existance of my blogging life, I have in fact, already mentioned that I would love to be Martha Stewart-y.

I have the artist ability to see something and go create it!
Now.. i do often attempt these feats and sometimes I even surprise myself.

But – when you really spend some time on Google, Flickr and Etsy – you really get to see some amazing talented people.

Now don’t get me wrong… a 3″ scalloped paper punch is sitting someplace with my name on it – I mean.. who ever knew that these existed? well.. lots of people.. lots of crafty, awesome people.. me.. I just learned of them yesterday and have all sorts of ideas of punching holes in comic books and creating party-sized confetti for Alex’s party…

but lets get real. We can not al pick up a ball of fondant and make it into something amazing! I mean.. i can follow a receipe pretty well… but my cupcakes NEVER come out like these by the AWESOME Jen’s Cakery on Flickr!

I mean.. maybe if I practiced… but I am all about now!!!!!

My dad once told me that I would rather pay someone to do a task like an expert, then do it myself (I think he was talking about cleaning and laundry and well yes.. I much rather pay someone to do it right than spend 3x as long, trying to do it myself…..)

But… I do have visions of one day being able to create these fondant awesomness treats… cakes and figures and cupcakes… and cookies – Did you know you can cover cookies in fondant?

I love the clean lines.. the ability to unleash your creativity.. I have always been good at coming up with the vision – the execution is where the talent is….

I can think up awesome cakes and cupcakes and themes.. but the people who carry it all out – make those ideas reality… They are the awesome ones… and while I can strive to obtain that… (like going to Michael’s tomorrow at lunch time, if I leave, since there is one right near the new day job office)…..

I just do not have that gift… the natural gift of artistic ability… so to those of you that do.. my hat is off and I take a bow…

(and we all know those people.. who drew the most awesome pictures in grade school and could whip together a gourmet meal and never break a sweat – Bree!!!!)

but seriously… each and every one of you.. you are the inspiration that makes me want to be the Martha Stewart mom of the group 🙂

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