Happy 4th Birthday – My SuperHero!


So the family and I celebrated Alex’s 4th Birthday with a family pizza party! (Pictures will be coming).

I had a cute fondant flash figure (say THAT 3 times fast!) made by CRLCreations and had originally figured that I would get a dozen or so cupcakes and put Flash on Alex’s.  Last minute I had a thought to see if Starz Cupcakes could do a LARGE cupcake cake (like Mack’s smash cake) but in red velvet with red frosting and use their very cute yellow stars!  They said yes! and I had a very red cupcake in the making for Alex for his Red (“is my favorite color”) Flash cupcake cake!

Of course.. even when I plan and plan and have a great timeline.. I can not control others! 

I dashed home from work and made a stop at the dollar store and picked up two “balloon bouquets” – you really can’t beat filled Mylar balloons for $1.00ea.  A red party hat, some superhero puzzles, etc.  I ran home and wrapped his gifts and made my way to pick up his cake.  Apparently there was a slight communication error and my very very very red Flash cupcake cake was in fact…WHITE. *sigh*  They did what they could to make it right – and once the very white cake was turned red and 6 assorted cupcakes (the blueberry one is DIVINE and of course I am a sucker for coconut…) we made our way to Pizza My Heart, which is the closest thing to East Coast style pizza around our west coast town… We loaded down a few tables.. put the balloons around and party hats and ordered up some Pizza and soda!  Then it was present time and then cake time! 

I wanted to share as this was the jumping off point for his SuperHero party – which will be in just over a month!



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