The Kids Parties. Vol. 4 – Mackenzie Turns 1! “Enchanted Forest”

So with the birth of my daughter came all things girlie!

Which is actually funny because with Alex, I wished and hoped for a little girl and when I found out that he was going to be all boy… I shopped to bound and would squeel over the pink and bows and tulle…but boy ‘oh boy did he have an awesome closet!  So when I learned that I was expecting another little surprise, I wished and hoped for another little boy – because being a momma to a boy is pretty darn special…. and when I found out that she was going to be all girl – I saw all the very cute little boy stuff that is out in the world….. but now that Miss Mackenzie has graced us with her presence, I find that I get to balance out the very very cute boy and very very cute girl items.. not to mention that my little sister is now a proud mommy of twin boys!

So when it came to planning Miss Mack’s first birthday – I had lots and lots and lots of ideas and her dad and I narrowed it down to “Fairy”..Which I took and ran with… and it eventually became “Enchanted Forest” so that it was easier to include all the little boys – including her big brother.

So we first looked and looked for a location!  Being the end of May in Santa Cruz can prove to be a challenge as the weather will either be stunning… or raining!  We found a new party room in town, which happens to be above one of the best gently used childrens stores around.  Jelli Beanz.  They have a FABULOUS new meeting space – that we felt was PERFECT!

After we secured the location – The Over-The-Top Momma in me took over!  Nothing says Enchanted Forest and Fairies like wings and tutus and cuteness all around!

I found the BEST site around!  Great quality products at prices that make it easy to throw an absolutly magical event.  Halo Heaven is now my “go-to” spot when starting to plan a party.  They don’t always have what I need.. but what they do have is always inspiring and awesome!

We ordered various tutus and wings for all that would be attending!  The thought was that everyone could come and pick their color and play in the enchanted forest and then take their very fairy gear home.. for the boys… I did crowns and swords/shields (even though I am not a fan of violent type toys..) you can not be a king or knight without the proper gear!

Now – Like usual!!! I have the vision and the plan but often, not many hands to execute.. and this time.. I had a 1 yr old little girl on my back in the Ergo!

A dear friend of mine rocked the fairy gear set-up. (Mesha – THANK YOU again!)

 I strung ribbon across the very cute white picket fence and we paired up the wings and tutus – along with a head band and flower clip – and used a wooden laundry clip (Thank you again dollar store!) to attach to the wired ribbon (again.. thank you dollar store).  There was an assortment of matchy matched outfits and some that were coordinated as well as left over pieces for additional customization.  It was awesome!!!! and relatively inexpensive.  If you are an extra crafty person, you could in fact make the tutus and wings… but for me, who would love to be Martha Stewart, just doesnt have it in me – purchasing was a less expensive option for me.

Now… speaking of Martha Stewart, I did, in fact, embark on a crafty mission… POM POM making!  Now!  These little jewels rock any party decor and are actually fairly easy to make!

How to make those awesome tissue POM POM – flowers, etc…

I would spend some time every night making various sizes and using left over tissue paper (until I discovered that the dollar store does in fact sell bundles every now and then)….

I also found some adorable paper laterns not only at the dollar store, but also Oriental Trading Company – Here and they have some ADORABLE strawberry ones and others right now.. but I digress.

The plan was to fill the ceiling with hanging balls of paper goodness (which we did do on a smaller scale!).

So once the fairy (and knight) gear was determined and the party room decorations were considered.. it was cake time!  I love a fabulously decorated cake and often my vision reaches into the wedding cake realm and really – who wants to spend that type of $$ on a kids birthday?  So I came up with a plan to purchase fondant and gumpaste goodies off of and then make the cupcakes myself!  Brillant Plan! (but you know what they say about best laid plans…)  So I went hog wild and found some of the very BEST fondant artists around!  I actually used a few different ones to create the look I wanted… Magical, sparkly, enchanted forest!  In the end, I realized that I SuperMom, could not do it all – so I engaged the AMAZING services of Lisa at Connie at Starz Cupcakes and explained my vision!  They were awesome and totally stepped up the the plate, creating not only wonderful cupcakes, but an insanly cute cake that looked like a large cupcake! (For Mack’s intended smash cake). 

Cherie over at CRLCreations is AMAZING!  She was patient with my consistant emails and questions and brainstorming sessions.  She is responsible for the FABULOUS unicorns, dragons, ladybugs, turtles, Fairy(s), “Grass”, most of the toadstools, The big toadstool with Fairy, the larger fondant flowers and the birthday sign.

Her quality of work, attention to detail, awarness of shipping (and they taste awesome) is beyond awesome! Here are a couple I had to unwrap when they first arrived!

I also had the cutest “Anne Geddes” type gumpaste babies made that were beyond cute! (they are sitting in my corner cabinet at home since I couldn’t bear to part with them..and honestly.. I prefer Fondant over gumpaste (in terms of eating) any day!

 by Express Sugar Designs The details were/are amazing.

Additionally – The edible paper butterflies were created by: SugarRobot.

I also decided to do a bit of a Candy Bar – but it started out as gathering special items for the favor bags.  I then discovered the cutest and most yummy of treats – and being Itty Bitty – They were perfect for the pint sized guests!  We ordered 8dz hearts, stars and the best little crowns around! (These are beyond yummy and cute and she does BIG sizes too!)


On the Candy/Favor bar I included Pixie Sticks and mini pom poms floral taped onto pixie sticks, assorted lollipops in the shape of crowns, butterflies and mini vibrantly colored circles!  I also had red and black “rasberries”, gumballs, marshmellow wands, choc. covered sunflower seeds and fruity cheerios!  I found everything either online (orientaltrading) or Cost Plus, etc… I just kept the theme in mind and went with what looked cute!  We also found those very cute ice cream dishes at our local CVS for $1.00 and $2.00 each… which I thought was a bargain!

There are tons of options and ideas… the other intentions were to make the cutest little toadstools out of hardboiled eggs, roma tomatos and feta as well as serve dip in a hollowed out cabbage with some of the edible butterlies tucked here and there!

Also – I loved the idea of a WISHING TREE for people to leave notes, etc for Mack to put into her baby book!  I found the most awesome template – but never got around the cutting and assembling.. though – I did use Willow that was found onsale as a wishing tree to hang the bottles of fairy dust that I made.

We had a blast and no one but me noticed any of the missing details.  Again – Lesson learned!  Have everything set and ready to go prior to the day and get as many people as you need to help.. and if stuff doesn’t happen…. try to relax and enjoy the moments!  This is afterall why many of us momma’s go Over-The-Top.. to create the memories…. but memories can only happen when you take the time to enjoy it!

Custom Onsie and Tutu by: tutu2cute


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