July 13th and the inspiration for it all.

So on a very special July 13th – it was Friday the 13th…and the exact day that we had hoped that Alex wouldn’t be born… ya know… Friday the 13th, etc… ?

Well.  4 years ago today, Friday the 13th took on a whole new meaning as I brought my first born into this world. 

Happy Birthday my sweet and amazing boy!

You changed everyone’s lives that day – you are a joy and radiate so much!

You are a boys boy with a tender side that allows you to love dolls and ponytails.  You are a little too smart for your own good and while you have your mommy’s stubborness, you make me laugh every.single.day.

I love you my little punkinman! and how you have gone from my sweet sweet baby boy to my little man so quickly is beyond me!  I love you more than you will ever know and am proud of you beyond words!

I Love You to the Moon and back!

and because you are my little SUPERHERO every day…..

the planning for your SuperHero party is underway!!!!!!

This year – we have had so much going on… Alex’s party will be in August and lots is going on and lots of inspiration is happening!  So stay tuned!  Here are some of the ideas I have been gathering!

My Party Planning Inspiration Gallery

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