The Kids Parties. Vol. 3 – Alex turns Three! “All Things that Alex Love’s”

AKA: “Mom bought a whole bunch of stuff that never got used and we should really use that up before buying more stuff for birthday parties” – Party.

So Yes! I had gon e a bit “Over-The-Top” the year before and because I did not have enough set-up time or help, not everything got used.  I later found items that I thought I remembered buying but couldn’t find on the day of the party…. so – being that I now had a new born (1.5 months old) and not a lot of time or budget or energy – I figured this was a perfect way to re-use what we already have.

As I have mentioned – Alex loves LOTS OF THINGS!  Cars, trucks, transformers, WALL-E, art, sports, etc…..

So this year we decided to splurg and go for the Bounce House – So GLAD we did!  We went with a “Cars” themed bounce house – used all of our left over balloons by renting a helium tank, put together a pinata and didn’t do kiddie pools.  It was a HUGE Success!

Alex must have jumped-jumped-jumped for the full 7hrs that we had the rental and this was a hit with the older aged kids!

We thengot a WALL-E pinata from our local Mexican Panaderia and filled it with candy, toys and art supplies from the dollar store 🙂

We did our typical BBQ and I even made a San Jose Sharks Hockey inspired cake and cupcakes! (We were going to do the hockey theme – but my thought was that if we couldn’t do it right – it should wait).

For the favors, my mom and I baked dinosour shaped cookies, along with hearts and stars and handed those out with the pinata loot and cupcakes for all.

It was an absolute blast and def. a good way to do a party on a budget since you can pick and choose pieces. 

Please remember when looking at the photos, that I did have a new born and was baking until 9+pm at night, since the first attempt basically melted and fell apart… I have grand ideas like Martha Stewart – I just never pull it off! LOL

It was great knowing if I found something on clearance (Robot plate at target for .78 cents – I could get it!)

My Sister wrote a “welcome” sign on the driveway (We had the party and her house)

We set out balls and sidewalk chaulk and bubble wands in the front yard (supervised by an adult)

 We did a goold ‘ol BBQ with burgers, Dogs, Watermelon, Chips, lemonade (Alex LOVES IT), etc…

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