The Kids Parties. Vol. 2 – Alex turns Two! “Construction Zone”

So – When Alex was about to turn 2yrs old, life had settled a bit and I was still gainfully employed 🙂 You will understand that this is often what controls my budget and just how Over-The-Top I can go 🙂

Alex loved loves all things trucks, construction, vehicles, etc.  He is a boys boy.  If anyone has any doubts about genetics playing a huge role in development, you can look at my child!  He has had every option to express himself and is sweet and gentle and carries toys around like “babies” and he plays daddy.. but he is one of the most coordinated little boys I know.  He ADORES sports (hockey and soccer, especially) and trucks.. OH MY, how he loves his trucks!

So when it came time to plan his second birthday party, it was pretty clear the direction that we would be going.  He loved Bob the Builder, but I really wanted to stay away from fully TM type themes, so I coordinated ideas and styles.

Now – because I was gainfully employed I had a bit more budget to work with and let my creative juices flow.  I started to think about this party in terms of decorations and favors and how I was going to package those favors!

I started at ebay to look for all things builder!  I decided to bid and buy a few lots of Bob the builder toys – thinking they would make great decorations and Alex would be able to keep them afterwards.

I then went to see what type of balloons could be bought and the prices compared to what I had paid the year before.  Much to my happy self, I found that I could in fact rent a helium tank and fill up 80-100 balloons on my own for a fractions of the cost.

I did find some Bob The Builder specific ones but also went with coordinating latex balloons in yellow, red, orange and black – be sure to give yourself enough time to blow all of these up – I didn’t and than it was panic time!

I discovered some very cool sites that offer wholesale prices; some with minimum purchase amounts and some without. was a great resource for me and I found all sorts of goodies; including battery operating traffic lights for under 2.00/each – That I used for table decoration.

I am also a HUGE fan of Oriental Trading Companies themed items and got the following (We did two kiddie pools…. One filled with water… and one filled with sand(to dig for treasure and prizes, etc…)
I got these for the water pool – and each child was able to take one home)

These were used in the sand and for decorations around – again.. each child took some home.

 as well as 3 of these that we used to hold favors and drinks (they did end up being much smaller than I had originally thought)

Next I moved on to the favors!  I REALLY wanted to get a little tool box for each child, but did not want to spend a fortune.  Through the help of friends, we finally tracked these down through the dollar stores all over Northern California.

and I then filled each tool box with the following:

Construction and building theme temp. tattoos

Theme stickers

Gummi Tool Treats

Inflatable hammers

and each also got an inexpensive watch

 as well as toy trucks. 

one for each child and the left overs will be in the sand box
(1.75 for 1unit of 6… Score!)

I then found a lady on ebay who made a CD with a bunch of kid inspired songs and customized the front cover with Bob The Builder and a “Thank you for coming to Alex’s 2nd Birthday Party” and his birth date.

When each person arrived we had either yellow or hot pink construction helmets ready for them.

 as well as

We also had huge inflatable street signs, a custom banner and additional tool sets for the favor boxes.

Hot Pink Construction Hat:…5947&CatID=674

30″ inflatable stop sign:…=16230&CatID=0

30″ inflatable one way sign:…=16226&CatID=0

30″ inflatable stop sign…=16231&CatID=0

Custom “Ground Breaking” Banner:…=15476&CatID=0

Plastic tool sets.. for favors and decoration and party play…D=7419&CatID=0

Actual Party Pictures


and what would a party be without cake well TWO cakes and cupcakes (because really i couldn’t decided and I figured they would all be so cute) because we had a very high RSVP response (though not everyone actually made it, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.)

Cake #1 was all about Bob the Builder.


Then we had the assorted cupcakes (costco!) with cupcake toppers found on ebay

and Cake #2 (which I LOVED) was the original cake and idea.. but as the RSVP’s went up, I figured I would need more cake – though we didn’t even get through one…. My son’s face at the end and his expression of WOW – was absolutly priceless!

it is hard to tell unless you look for it.. but the vehicles are constructing a road – which is the cake!

Both cakes were made by The Buttery


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