The Kids Parties. Vol. 1 – Alex turns One! “Under the Sea”

So after a little thought, I decided that it would be fun to revisit the past birthday parties of the kids.. the other parties… we will leave in the past and move forward…but I am pretty darn proud of the evolution of my party planning methods.

The year that my first born turned 1 yr old was a bit of a crazy time in our personal lives.  I had grand plans for his birthday that quickly went to not planning a party – and then putting one together in a matter of 5 days-ish.

I had wanted to do a “sea-life/beach theme”.  I started with the cake from on our our local bakeries, and went with a design they had done in the past – and to be honest – i was blown away by the detail, not only on top but on all sides of the sheet cake and his smash cake.

Alex on the other hand, was not impressed 🙂

I also ordered  these amazingly cute little board short and 2 piece bikini sugar cookies that they were doing for 1.00 each. – But I did not have control of the camera fully that day.. so no pictures of those 😦

Next I targetted the decorations.  Friends of my sister have this AMAZING backyard (which has gotten even more amazing in the past years) and they offered to allow us to have the party there.  It is a huge backyard oasis of banana plants and grass, etc…

I decided to hit up the party store and take a look at their balloon selection (I also learned just how much mylar, latex and helium can cost) – but this was last minute and I was still employed at my very lovely Silicon Valley job.

I went hog wild!  I decided to get a bunch (i want to say 50 or 100 but I can’t quiet remember) latex balloons in blue, aqua and white and then went to town with the mylar’s.  They had a ton of awesome theme related balloons.  I ordered sea turtles, tropical fish, dolphins, whales, crabs – as well as palm trees and anything related! and I had them delivered! (This was key and well worth the extra money to not have to coordinate the pickup – especially of that many balloons).

When they arrived the morning of the party we tied bunches of the latex balloons along the fence and then placed the fish, sea turtles, dolphins, etc… around the yard – like they were “swimming in the yard”.

I also purchased 2 plastic kiddie pools (6.99 each).  I filled one with water and different kinds of squirt fish and rubber duckies ( and I filled the other with toxic-free sand from the local toy store, and a ton of beach toys.)

Friends of ours got a bounce house (though it took a long while for my 1yr old Alex to warm up to it – of course now, that is almost the entire point of his parties).

I also set up different sun shades and tents and had child size picnic tables and umbrellas set up with snack cups full of fish snacks…. bubbles, coloring activities, etc.

It was an absolute blast!

This is how we ended the day.

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